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Monday, 7 October 2019


Hi Everyone

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all well.

Long time no posting from me unfortunately.  Lots has been happening here .. .. some good and some not so good.

For the good part .. .. .. Mr Heart has had some annual leave to take before his holiday year ran out so we treated ourselves to a few "escape days".   

We did a bit of "gadding about" starting off in Bristol for a couple of nights and whilst there Mr Heart explored the city whilst I went to see the fabulous new offices that Immediate Media have moved into and I caught up with lots of the lovely people I am so lucky to work for.  What truly wonderful offices!  They were out of this world and I was made to feel so welcome.  Thank you everyone!  It was lovely to actually meet you all in person xx.  

Our next stop was an overnight stay with great friends who live near Weston super Mare.  It is always so lovely to catch up with them .. .. and always sad to leave them too.

Then finally we spent a few days just outside of Oxford and returned home with our batteries re-charged ready hit the ground running with everything that had been piling up whilst we had been away.

But on the not so good side Mum has been poorly again.  We keep thinking we have her back on track again and then something happens to make us think we haven't .. .. but between us three kids we are making sure she is sorted each day.

So now we are round to today .. .. Monday 7th .. .. and the start of a sparkly new week .. .. .. and the day after my very last wedding fayre which took place yesterday.  Once again I met loads lovely couples .. .. some that had visited before and their day was now near enough for them to start planning and others who were sparkly newly engaged and full of excitement.

A great day but tinged with sadness too. I do love taking my work to the wedding fayres to display. There is something so satisfying about seeing all my hard work set out amongst all the props etc I have managed to collect over the years.

The 20th March 2011 saw me do my very first wedding fayre with my lovely Sis. I remember like it was yesterday us setting off all super excited and I played a CD with the song "The Greatest Day of  Our Lives" by Take That.  I saw it as an omen that we were doing exactly the right thing and we shouldn't doubt ourselves.  This omen proved to be very true.  It was a day that shaped my future.

But yesterday I had no CDs with me to pick my tune as we left our last fayre.  It was going to be pure fate and I was dreading turning the radio on and hearing what song came out.  What if it was something with sad lyrics and tones of losing something wonderful .. .. it would make me feel that I had made a bad mistake in not booking another fayre!!

But nonetheless, I was brave and turned the radio on anyway and out came the song "Up, Up and Away in My  Beautiful Balloon" by 5th Dimension (I did have to Google who sang it).  So yay!!!  A happy song and hopefully another omen that I have made the right decision to stop the wedding fayres and will be being carried off in another direction for new adventures.

But first of course I need to make all the lovely people I met yesterday happy and start creating samples for their "happy days".  Just because it was the last wedding fayre doesn't mean the wedding work stops .. .. there are still happy couples on my list .. .. and new ones soon to be added.

So as promised, I will now start sharing my wedding work more and below are table names and guest placename bobbins .. .. I have spent many a happy hour sitting winding and creating these little beauties.  They are really popular for rustic weddings and for weddings held in cotton mills!

Have a good day everyone .. .. nice to be back in blogland!

I am hoping to see you again soon.


Stamps and Paper said...

Hi Jules like me you've been AWOL for a while taking care of family...I do hope your mumimproves soon....I wish you well on your new venture but hope you'll still be posting your beautiful cards


meg said...

life is full of ups and downs hope mum is improving, love the place settings

Crafting Queen said...

New adventures awaits! x

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Jules, I'm sorry to hear that your Mum has taken poorly again, I hope she can begin to pick up and feel better soon. Must be a worry for you all.
Your bobbin place ornament is gorgeous, what a lovely idea. Take care, Kate x

Lorraine said...

Good to see you blogging again Jules, although my blogging is a bit hit and miss lately. I've had my hours increased at work so I'm pretty much full time now...and that doesn't leave much time for crafting!
I'm sorry to hear your Mum is poorly again. I hope she feels better soon.
Lorraine x

Enny said...

Dear Jules, what a brave decision, to stop the wedding fayres. It must feel sad, to stop doing something you loved so much, but other opportunities are awaiting ! I also hope that your mother feels better now. How lovely, that you had a short holiday with Mr. Heart, "batteries" loaded again. :)) I've also been on holiday, it was wonderful ! All the best ! Enny

Carol S. said...

Welcome back Jules and sounds like you had a lovely break. So sad to hear your Mum is poorly again. I can understand how doing you last wedding fair was rather sad. I felt like that when I did my last tutoring day at the craft shop. But you are looking towards your new chapter of life and that can be exciting. Big hugs, Carol S.xxxx

Kathleen said...

Have leave, will travel. Nice for you to have a break and so pleased you enjoyed it.
Really sad news about the last Wedding Fayrea but you have done exceptional well to have continued for so long and with some fabulous creations.
That is a very novel table and guest placement item.

I have also had a week off, in Spain, so I was so pleased that I didn't miss any of your posts as it looks like we were away at the same time.

Kath x

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

These are so beautiful Jules. Hope your mum soon picks up and is feeling better.

Sue xx

Liz said...

I hope Mr Heart enjoyed exploring Bristol. It's a lovely city, although perhaps I'm a bit biased living here. Only yesterday we caught the bus to Clifton Village and had a lovely walk over Clifton Suspension Bridge, then down to the river and around the harbour area. Sounds like you had a great time visiting the Immediate Media offices.

Your table names and placenames are lovely - what a great idea! I'm sure it will seem strange not doing the wedding fayres. Wishing you good luck for wherever your crafting journey takes you in the future. xx

Aquarius said...

So good to see you back in blogland with your newsy post - mix of good and bad news which is about the norm I'd say. Your visit to the magazine HQ sounds like a good time - nice to see where it all happens. I look forward to seeing some of your wedding makes now that you are moving forward to other things. I hope your mum doesn't have any more set backs. Take care - hugs xx

Sarah said...

So pleased that you and Hubby managed to get away and enjoy a bit of the West Country for part of it. Sorry to hear that your Mum has been poorly again and hope she is soon on the mend. Those bobbins look amazing, really rustic and perfect for a country wedding. It might have been your last Fayre but I bet you will have secured enough orders from happy couples to keep you going for a year or two more!! xx

cotnob said...

It sounds like you have been having a very busy time Jules, I'm so pleased that you and hubby had a fun holiday. I'm sure your decision to cease the Wedding Fayres was based on sound reasons and you will not regret it. Sorry to hear that your Mum has been poorly again, unfortunately we had to make the difficult decision to move my Mum into a nursing home, I think it was the most difficult thing I will ever have to do but I'm sure it was the right one. I hope your Mum improves and can stay in her own home.
Take care.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Claudia Rogier said...

Wat heb jij een mooie kaart gemaakt, zeg. Echt tof!!!
Awesome card

Pop's Cards said...

These are just beautiful, I kind of like the rustic feel hugs Pops x