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Friday, 24 July 2020


Hi Everyone

I hope you have all had a good Friday and that you are all geared up for another lovely weekend .. .. .. not that the weather is looking very cheerful.

A busy old day here, part of which involved us doing a supermarket shop.  We were interested to see just how many people were wearing face masks and were surprised to see that everybody was (apart from some of the staff that actually worked in the supermarket.  Perhaps it is wrong of me to assume they would .. .. after all it was a big relief to take ours off after a quick shop .. .. so to wear them for hours on end would be quite uncomfortable!!!)

Funny though because we shopped at the same supermarket last Friday, wearing our masks, and hardly anyone else was wearing one.  Perhaps we should have been told to wear them or face a fine weeks ago, then we might not be in the middle of the second wave that is making an appearance here.

No time for crafty play today unfortunately but there was a bit more sorting out of the old wedding samples and I thought I would share this one with you today before all the cardboard parts make their way into the "bonfire bag" and the lace, ribbon and embellishment go into the snippet drawer for recycling.  Sometimes I can even rescue a bit of plain card too!  I do hate waste with a passion.

As explained previously all the details on my wedding samples are fictitious .. .. although I do have a very lovely Auntie Margaret and Uncle Bill and I have invited them to a lot of "made up" weddings  LOL!!

So that is me for today .. .. I am hoping to catch you again tomorrow when the world should be a little less hectic.


Aunty Sue said...

Really Beautiful and love the font. Lucky Auntie and Uncle going to all these weddings lol

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

How lucky are Aunty Margaret and Uncle Bill, all those weddings to go to. However a bit expensive I should think all those presents to buy. A beautiful invite Jules.

Sue xx

Stamps and Paper said...

Very classy wedding invitation Jules....hopefully people will stick to government guidelines and where masks I know they are uncomfortable to if it saves lives then that’s what we must do.


Lisa xx said...

Aside from our beautiful this card looks, I really like the wording inside....when I did my stepdaughters invites, last year,
there was a fair bit of head scratching, as to how to hit the right note.

Aquarius said...

Beautiful work. I can just imagine you rescuing as much of these samples as possible before consigning them to the bonfire - I would do exactly the same, thus increasing my scrap mountain!! Have a good weekend although thundery rain is forecast here for later. I'm sewing again today.

meg said...

beautiful invitation set Jules, love the design layout and colours.All shop staff in Scotland are meant to wear masks.

Kath said...

Beautiful Jules - I love the lace under the ribbon too.

I went to the PO yesterday and used my scarf as a face covering to see if it felt better than my mask. It didn't as my glasses steamed up - I also felt like I was about to 'hold up' the PO too. Thank goodness they know me in there!

Have a good weekend.
Kath x

cotnob said...

A beautiful Wedding Invitation Jules, such an elegant design.
I went to Sainsburys with my son yesterday and everyone there was wearing a mask, the staff were wearing either a mask or a visor - the visors look much more comfortable, the cashiers were behind screens.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Sarah said...

A very pretty design, lace and pearls make the perfect wedding dress. I made us some face coverings a while ago and on the two occasions we have been out have worn those but were astonished to see how few people were doing so. Connor said that every one of the customers that went into his TKMaxx yesterday were wearing masks, which was encouraging. I spend all day in a clinical mask and they are incredibly uncomfortable and smell nasty too, so I much prefer my cotton lawn home made one!! xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Jules, this a beautiful and elegant design, Kate x

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Your wedding card is just beautiful , so classy but also pretty , no wonder you had such a great business , you definitely picked the best time to retire though . The mask situation is not ideal but if it allows us to go out more safely then that has to be a good thing. My son's girl friend wears her's all day in the dental practice . As for holidays abroad and wearing one around the pool and in bars , I'd rather stay home, now it, self isolating for 2 weeks after a holiday in Spain ....they make this up as it goes along .
stay safe Mr & Mrs Heart .x

JanR said...

Gorgeous! I hope Auntie Margaret & Uncle Bill enjoyed the wedding. ;-)