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A very warm welcome to my teeny, tiny part of the huge world of blogging. This is where I share my passion for making hand made greeting cards. So - why "Always with a Heart"? Well this is for two reasons. Firstly, it is because every card I produce carries a heart on it somewhere. This can be big and bold or small and almost hidden - the fun sometimes is just trying to find it! Secondly it is because I put my heart into everything I produce. I hope that any visitors enjoy seeing what I post. If you drop by then please leave me a comment so that I know you called. It would be nice to know that you have found my heart in what I do.

Wednesday 30 November 2011


Hi Everyone

Hope you have had a good day.

The weather has been much kinder here today .. . I hope is has been where you live too.

I think my little creation today is going to be a world record for me.

I have just made this, posted it here and am shortly going to be delivering it (along with a couple of Christmas presents) to a very special lady who is going away for Christmas next week.   So we need to catch up with her good and early!!

Has there ever been such a quick turn around in the House of Hearts?  I think not LOL!!!

So here is my world record Christmas card:

This used:

Sentiment:  Pink Petticoat
Cuttlebug Die:  Snowflake
Josy Rose:  Nail Heads
Glamour Dust
Ribbon, dinky bit of cord and button from the Stash Box
My trusty sewing machine

So I am off now to wrap my first two presents of Christmas so I can deliver them alongside my world record card.

Oh I do hope I can get ahead of myself this Christmas .. .. that would be a world first too!!

Have a good evening everyone


Tuesday 29 November 2011


Hi Everyone

I hope you have had a good day.

How has the weather been with you?  It has been dull, wet and very windy in my neck of the woods.  Thank goodness I didn't need to go out in it that's all I can say.

Today it was my turn to post my projects over at Get Funky! in line with the theme set by my lovely Funky Playmate, Jackie.

A Christmas project using "Traditional colours"
meaning red, green, gold, silver etc


A non Christmas card or project using Christmas papers

So here are my creations, both made using the Twelve Crafters Crafting CD.

We don't post all our creations at the same time over at Get Funky! but instead each Funkette posts every two or three days so that you get a whole month of inspiration for using Anice's downloads and CDs.

I must admit after a few weeks on mainly Christmas card makes it was quite a refreshing change to make a non-Christmas one!!

So that is me for today .. .. back now to wedding stationery duties and hopefully a blog catch up later if all goes to plan (and my eyes stay open) LOL!!!

Have a great evening everyone.


Monday 28 November 2011


Good Morning Everyone

Happy Handy Hippo Monday to you .. .. I hope your weekend was good!

Christmas is looming ever and ever closer and if you are anything like me Christmas card production is having to become simpler and quicker as time just disappears amidst all the other preparations that are needed in the run up to Christmas.

So I thought that today I would share with you one of the quickest Christmas cards I have made yet this year.

All this took was as bit of matting and layering and a bit of "tickling" with a glue pen and some glitter!  Simples!!!!

Below you can find the Handy Hippo magic button .. .. and if you click on it you can see all the lovely goodies I used to make this little creation. Everything I have used has been automatically added to a shopping basket and as always you can remove anything you do not need (or add anything else you can't resist).

There were actually three stamps in this little stamp set.  The gorgeous Christmas tree, the cool sentiment and then a little present too.

I thought I would show you another way of using your glitter along with the little present stamp .. .. this time to make a little gift tag to go alongside the Christmas card.

I made a little opening gift tag from some
scrap card and added a line of
Ultra High Adhesion Tape

Pull the plastic coating off the adhesive tape
and sprinkle your glitter over the sticky line
that remains

Press the glitter firmly onto the tape
with your fingers.

Knock all the spare glitter off your work
onto some scrap paper so you can return the
glitter to its storage tub.

I also used my
Quickie Glue Pen
for adding the glitter to the heart
and the present .. .. .. as well as the tree
on my main project.

So here are my two projects side by side .. .. all ready for someone to receive a matching card and gift tag on their present at Christmas.

I feel sure people must by now be a bit fed up of seeing Christmas projects so next week it is going to be "one for the boys" .. .. .. just for a change.

Have a really good week!


and all the lovely friendly people at Handy Hippo

Sunday 27 November 2011


Hi Everyone

I hope you have all been having a lovely weekend.

Mine has been great .. meeting up with family and friends and "happy couples" .. .. and we even managed to squeeze a bit of Crimble shopping in too!  Woo hoo!!

So with all of this hyper-activity there are only two snippet makes today .. .. but they have used up quite a few snippets between them .. ..

So now round to my playmates for this week:

Willing and very eagre this week was Brenda B  .. .. in fact not only did Brenda share one lovely snippet make .. .. she shared three.  You can find them here, here and here.  Each post features a Christmas card and they are very inspirational.  I think the first one has to be my favourite!

The next share is very clever and comes from a new snippet playmate .. Kerry .. .. who made four triangular trifold cards.  A really great way to use up those snippets!!  Loving the flowers that Kerry has added too.  

Sally H called by next with some lovely "age" related cards.  I am loving the 18th birthday one very much!!  Black, white and red always look so elegant together don't you think?

A beautiful snippet share from Elizabeth was next to arrive in the snippet playground .. .. a super Christmas card for Elizabeth's "sweetie".  How organised are you Elizabeth!!  I am trying really hard not to be envious .. .. apparently envy isn't an attractive trait LOL!! 

Another hyperactive snippetier this week was Irene who also shared three gorgeous cards.  You can find them here, here and here.  All beautiful, as you always find with Irene's makes, but the first one just has to be my favourite.  That super cute Penny Black image is top of my shopping list at the moment!!

A lovely creation came next from Debs in the form of a lovely Christmas card.  Beautiful traditional colours and I love the snippets that have been used.  Great star stamp too!!!

Tara called by next to share two lovely creations.  I love the way Tara striped her snippets.  Two great cards but the second one just has to be my favourite.  Such a fab technique .. thanks Tara!!!

Sally M called by next with the most colourful and pretty string of bunting I have seen.  This is one very special make and one you really must go and look at. 

Then last but by no means least for this week was Hazel who came to the playground carrying a lovely Christmas card.  Great image and scrummy flowers (I think a lot of people will be calling into poundland over the course of the next week LOL!!!).

So those are my lovely playmates for this week.  Thank you for taking the time to join in. 

The end of the year of snippet makes is nearly here .. .. only another 5 weeks to go.  I somehow don't think my snippet mountain is going to be any smaller by the end :-(  .. .. you only have to look at the amount I have made this week when cutting out favour boxes to know I am fighting a losing battle LOL!!

But never mind .. .. they will get a good hammering soon when we have our family gathering for label day!!!  

Hope you have a lovely evening everyone.

I'll see you again tomorrow with my Happy Handy Hippo make .. .. and hopefully tonight I will get chance to have a good old overdue blog hop!!!



Saturday 26 November 2011


Hi Everyone

Well the wanderer has returned from her Victorian evening.

Oh it was such good fun!!  I am pleased we dressed up now or we just wouldn't have looked right.

At the last minute I made a couple of shawls and mop caps for us to wear .. .. and I must admit by the end of the evening we were glad of the shawls for snuggling under.  We were inside the salon but had to keep the door open to welcome our visitors.

My sister and her youngest daughter had made mince pies .. .. but because the salon had been based on Sweeney Todd for the evening the pies were made with fingers and things sticking out of them.  They were a great source of entertainment and were munched on readily alongside the sweeties and little tots of sherry (and of course we had to keep sampling them all throughout the evening to make sure they were suitable for consumption by others LOL!!!).

Not sure if there will be any pictures available .. .. ..  I will have to wait and see. 

Anyway, round to another Christmas share:  

This used:

Image, sentiment and backing papers:  Pink Petticoat
Nestabilities:  Deckled Mega Rectangles
Josy Rose:  Nail Heads
Diamond Stickles
My trusty sewing machine

So we had a lovely evening last night and we got to sleep over which was nice.  Tonight we are meeting up with some of our friends .. .. eeekk!!  .. ..  the socialising season is approaching!!!  Out come the elasticated waistbands LOL!!!

Have a good evening everyone.

I'll see you again tomorrow with my snippets.  Only six more weeks to go and my year is up!!!  I can't say it was the successful snippet reduction year I was hoping for :-( but at least it has given me better habits.


Friday 25 November 2011


Hi Everyone

Well what am I like?

I have spent today doing last minute makes and getting them all packaged up in a frenzy ready for the Victorian late night shopping evening tonight.

I have packed everything away off my photographing table so I can load the table into the car and have also disconnected my printer so I can take the little table that stands on with me too.

Most stuff is loaded in the car ready to go .. .. and what haven't I done?  I haven't taken any photographs of any of my makes for you today.


Never mind .. .. .. imagine a heart . .. .. there would have been one on it somewhere!!  LOL!!!

Right time to get a wriggle on .. .. need to be away in 15 minutes!!!

Have a good evening everyone and I will catch you again tomorrow with a catch up of how we got on.


Thursday 24 November 2011


Hi Everyone

I hope you have all had a good day.

Mine has flown .. .. yet again!!!!  Grrrr!!! 

The other Sunday I posted a Christmas card that had a button tree on it as one of my snippet makes.  Quite a few people emailed and asked what the stamp was .. .. and I forgot to say . ... sorry!!!

So to make amends I have made another card using the "said stamp" and will give you all the details below.

This used:

Image:  Tatty Button "TB25" Button Tree
Sentiment:  Docrafts "With Love"
Backing Paper:  Funky Hand "Twelve Crafters Crafting CD"
Raffia Lace "Paper Cellar"
Nail Heads:  Josy Rose
Diamond Stickles
Glossy Accents
Ribbon from the Stash Box

I love this backing paper from Anice's latest CD.  I have a bit of a soft spot for backing paper with writing on it!!!

In fact speaking of Anice .. .. she has a birthday coming up tomorrow and is wanting to celebrate it with everyone.

She will be the grand young age of 43 and to celebrate she is offering everyone 43% off all the Funky Hand products in the store.

The offer runs from midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow .. .. how amazing an offer is that?!?!?  That will mean that the Twelve Crafters Crafting CD will be reduced from £16.99 to £9.68 .. .. .. crikey!! 

You can find the store and all of the goodies here.

I will end with a huge apology .. .. I am sorry I haven't been blog visiting these last couple of days .. .. weddings and Christmas makes for tomorrow are taking up all of my time .. .. but I will be back in full flow soon I promise.

Even my lovely hubby is being a little bit neglected :-( so to make up for things a little I am making one of his favourite dinners tonight .. .. spag bol with garlic bread!

But in the meantime it is back to the Christmas cards ready for our Victorian late night shopping evening tomorrow. 

Have a good evening.


Wednesday 23 November 2011


Hi Everyone

Just a mega quick post from me tonight as I am up against the clock .. .. Christmas makes needing inserts ready for Friday. 

Here is one that will get an insert in the next half hour LOL!!!

This used:

Image:  Bugaboo
Sentiment:  Cuddly Buddly
Backing Papers:  Nitwits
Nestabilities:  Classic Circle Large and Scalloped Circle Large
Josy Rose:  Nail Heads
Cord from the Stash Box

I really loved colouring this little image .. .. it reminded me of our first table mats when we got married LOL!!!

So that is me .. .. have I ever done such a quick post?!?!?

I think not!!!  Tee hee!!


Tuesday 22 November 2011


Hi Everyone

Here I am at last!!!  Late again.

I have been happily engrossed in wedding work but thought I had better stop and get something made for my blog today!!

This little make was already half done and all I needed to do was add the image .. so that was good.

This used:

Image:  Stampendous!  "Silent Night Snowman"
Sentiment:   Pink Petticoat
Backing Papers:  Dovecraft "Noel"
Martha Stewart Punch:  Traditional Scallop
Josy Rose:  Nail Heads
Diamond Stickles
My Trust Sewing Machine
Ribbon from the Stash Box

So that is me for today.

Lots of makes to make for Christmas and weddings .. .. but I have had a big clear up campaign and cleared the dining room table completely .. .. ready to cover it again tomorrow.

It is a bit lethal when I work downstairs as I see lots of lovely goodies on Create and Craft whilst working away.  Today it was all of those lovely Nestabilities that are on offer .. .. .. oh if only!!!  Some of them look so gorgeous.  All I can say is there must be some very lucky crafters out there as stock was being snapped up!!

I don't know why I have it on really because I never buy anything!!  LOL!!!

Enjoy what is left of the evening folks and I'll catch you again tomorrow.


Monday 21 November 2011


Good morning Everyone

Happy Handy Hippo Monday to you!

I hope you have had a good weekend.

Mine seems to have whizzed by at a fair old rate of knots .. .. which means we are one weekend nearer Santa making his annual appearance .. .. but don't worry I won't be cruel and remind you just how few days are left for us to get our Christmas makes finished and posted!!!  Eeeekkk!!!

So with that in mind I thought I would share another Christmas make with you this week.

Isn't this just the cutest little penguin ever?

Below you can find the Handy Hippo magic button .. .. and if you click on it you can see all the lovely goodies I used to make this little creation. Everything I have used has been automatically added to a shopping basket and as always you can remove anything you do not need (or add anything else you can't resist).
I thought this week that you might like to see how I cover the wooden shapes .. .. as opposed to embossing them as I did last week. 
This method is good for solid shapes that you want to change the look of.
Here are my raw essentials .. ..
my patterned paper, the shape I want to cover
a cocktail stick, emery board and my
favourite glue.

I never cut the top off my glue nozzle,
I prefer to simply dip a cocktail stick into
the bottle and use that to spread the glue. 

Stick your shape down onto the reverse
side of your patterned paper and leave it to dry.

Once dry trim the paper as close to the
shape as you can .. .. either with a sharp pair of
scissors or I prefer a scalpel

Here is the trimmed shape .. .. don't worry that
it looks a bit rough .. .. the next stage
makes it look super neat!!

Now file all the edges of your paper
as you would your finger nails
(don't look too closely at mine .. .. I should
probably spend more time on my nails and
less time making my shapes look pretty LOL!!!)

Here you can see the neatened top half
of my shape and the ragged bits I haven't done yet.

You can just leave your shape as it is .. ..
it looks lovely anyway .. .. or you can distress
the edges with an old ink pad .. .. or give it a
touch of glitter glue as I have on my project today.

This is the project I gave you a sneaky peep at last week to show you one of the new embossing folder sets from sizzix .. .. Starry Night .. .. I love the sentiment from the set very much and enjoyed adding a few touches of Diamond Stickles to the stars/snowflakes. 

There are still another two folders in the set for me to have a go at and I feel they need to meet a piece of co-ordinations card and my trusty emery board very soon!!

So that is me for this week .. .. I have another Christmas share next week too .. .. ready for those "panic" last minute Christmas cards.  Probably my quickest and easiest Christmas card yet!! 

As for those requesting to see me in the fancy dress outfit I need to cobble together for Friday .. .. all I will say is "You must be joking!!"  .. .. ..  I just know it isn't going to be a "good look"  LOL!! 

Have a good week.


and all the lovely friendly people at Handy Hippo)

Sunday 20 November 2011


Hi Everyone

Happy Sunday!!!

I hope you are having a nice relaxing day .. .. and if not then I hope it calms down soon!!!

Time to share my crafty snippet makes for the day.  Once again they are Christmas makes as I am doing a late night Christmas shopping evening on Friday and still need some more creations to bulk my stand up a bit.

I will be doing the night with my lovely Sis .. .. but she didn't tell me we have to dress up as backstreet Victorian women until "after" I have agreed to do it!!!!  Thanks for that Sis!!  Mwah!!!

So the remainder of this week are likely to be Christmas shares too!!

Anyway, here are today's makes .. ..

Looks like I need to get some stray glitter brushed off this one!!!!

and now round to the snippet register for last week .. ..

My first lovely playmate was Lynne who shared a lovely Christmas card using one of my all time favourite Christmas backing paper packs.  I have never seen a bad card made with these papers .. .. they are gorgeous.

Louise was the next to arrive in the snippet playground .. and she used a mini mountain of snippet on her creation.  All pieced together in such a lovely way with lots of lovely embellishments.

My next playmate was the very hyperactive Elizabeth who make so many creations this week it is unbelievable .. .. and yet she still tells me her snippets are not reducing!!  (Tell me about it!!)  I am sure Elizabeth's must have reduced a little though looking at all her lovely creations here, here, here and here!!!  Bearing in mind Elizabeth always decorated her cards front, back and inbetween then I am sure she must have made at least a dent!!! 

Irene has also been very busily running around the snippet playground too sharing all her lovely makes.  You can see them here, here and here.  I feel certain that Irene must be getting somewhere .. .. especially with her white snippets!!

A beautiful Christmas card was brought to the playground next by Andria .. .. such lovely snippets on this one!!  Lots of lovely layers and embellishments.

Two gorgeous makes next were shared by Ann .. .. this one and another snippet make here!!  How great are these!!  Especially the cute little label!!  Perhaps I should just sit and 4 million these and then I might not have so many snippets!!!  LOL!!!

Another fabulous share next from Tammy who always manages to incorporate such great shapes and colours into her work.  Love the touch of sparkle too!!!

Next up was Katina with her snippet share .. and such a good idea too.  I really do" need to make some of these!!  They are fabulous.  I think we will all be having a go at these over the next week or so!!  Thanks for the inspiration Katina and for linking us all to the template!!

A beautiful colour combo was on show next from the lovely Sandra .. .. two great shares on this post .. .. but I love the use of snippet letters!  A great finished look!

Sarah was the next to share in the playground and brought with her two lovely makes that she put together using a fabby spellbinders die that has only just seen the light of day!!  I think after making creations this beautiful the dies won't be being put away for a little while yet!!

The lovely Sally then called by with a fabulous Christmas card for us all to look at.  Lots of lovely layers and snippets used up on this special personalised creation.

A bright and beautiful creation was shared next by Brenda .. .. gorgeous snippets used alongside a fabby Penny Black stamp!!  What could be better!!!

Di rushed back from her holidays to share her lovely snippet make this week .. .. a what a beauty is was too.  I think Di has to get the award for having the most patience when working with stickles!!!!

Then my last playmate for this week was Mandy .. . who used loads of scrummy snippet on her creation here.  I am always a soft touch for backing papers with any kind of writing on it!!

So that is everyone for this week.  Thank you so much for keeping me company ladies and bringing so much inspiration to the playground.

Have a lovely evening and I will catch you again tomorrow .. .. bright and early .. .. with my Happy Handy Hippo make for this week.

Edited to say:  I have had a few emails about the sentiments I have used.  They came free with a download from Pink Petticoat.  You can find them here and thank you to Brenda B .. .. it does help if you actually add Mr Linky if you want people to keep you company LOL!!!