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A very warm welcome to my teeny, tiny part of the huge world of blogging. This is where I share my passion for making hand made greeting cards. So - why "Always with a Heart"? Well this is for two reasons. Firstly, it is because every card I produce carries a heart on it somewhere. This can be big and bold or small and almost hidden - the fun sometimes is just trying to find it! Secondly it is because I put my heart into everything I produce. I hope that any visitors enjoy seeing what I post. If you drop by then please leave me a comment so that I know you called. It would be nice to know that you have found my heart in what I do.

Tuesday 9 November 2021


Hi Everyone

I hope your week has got off to a good start.

I am here today with another new sketch.  

and I used it to create this:

This used:

Image:  Digistamp Boutique "Watercolour Butterfly" (sadly no longer trading)
Sentiment:  Penny Black "30-105" Gratitude
Backing Papers:  The Lovely Boutique "Perfect Papers" and "Pinstripes" (also sadly no longer trading)
Circles stamped using an old stamp set from The Works
Corner Rounding Punch
My Trusty Sewing Machine

and that is me for today.

Struggling big time for crafting and blogging time at the moment so if I haven't visited you for a while .. .. I apologise .. .. and promise I will be with you eventually.  I need to prioritise things a little differently now and cram crafty time into the mix where I can.  

Happy couples are coming back on the scene ready for next years weddings too.  For some of them it will be "third time lucky" and hopefully Covid won't ruin their plans again.

All routine has gone from my life and I am simply firefighting  -  thank goodness Mr Heart has an understanding soul.  

Mum is looking like she is going to need more care now, on top of what us kids were already providing, and it doesn't help that she isn't a morning person!  I get to her for 9.30am to give her her tablets and more often than not she then asks for "a little more snooze time" before we start the showering and dressing routine.  We are getting a bit more slicker at that though!

I must admit that I thought everyone was like me and the minute their eyes open in the morning they are instantly awake and raring to go!  Turns out I am just weird as I haven't yet found anyone else (other than my brother) who is like that!.  That must be why we are both self employed - it must be a necessary trait LOL!!

Anyway, time to wake sleeping beauty up again after her "snooze".

Friday 5 November 2021


Hi Everyone

I hope you are all well and your day and week has gone well.

There hasn't been much time or space for me to craft whilst spending time at Mum's, but during the quieter spells I amused myself by designing some more rectangular sketches for posting onto the tab at the top of my blog .. .. .. .. along with doing just a bit of colouring.

This means that hopefully as things start to calm down, I will be able to turn my coloured images into cards, using my new sketches.  Well that's the plan anyway.

Here is the first sketch I would like to share:

and here is the first card I have made using it:

This used:

Image:  Penny Black "2754" Xmas Kiss
Sentiment:  Computer Generated
Backing papers:  From Snippet Mountain
Spellbinders Circle and Scallop Circle Dies
Star Punches and Dies
Crystal Glamour Dust
Nail Heads
My Trusty Sewing Machine

My card is for sharing with Jo over at the Christmas Kickstart Challenge where the theme is Christmas Snippets

and of course

If snippets have come into the equation then Di springs to mind and I need to skip over to Pixie's Snippets Playground too.

Di is actually Jo's Guest Designer this Month (lovely to see you there Di .. .. congratulations!).  Everything on my card, apart from the base card, has come from snippet mountain .. .. .. not that the mountain range looks any smaller.  Sigh!

Take care everyone.  Enjoy bonfire night/weekend!

Tuesday 2 November 2021


Hi Everyone

Happy Tuesday!

Here at last after a two week break whilst trying to sort out things regarding Mum.  We now have her back at home and we see little improvements most days .. .. .. which is brilliant considering the mayhem of the first week.

Once Mum banned me from sleeping on her settee we knew she was starting to feel a bit better .. .. and us three kids have drawn up a rota between us so that she is always being well cared for.  We make a great team!

Mum isn't able to do everything she could do before she went into hospital  .. .. .. but we haven't given up hope that as things continue to improve she will regain a bit more independence again.  But if not .. well .. .. .. we will always be there for her.

I am breaking my absence gently with a teeny tiny creation .. .. which for anyone new to my blog measures a whole 3.5 inches square:

This used:

Image:  LOTV "Hats Off" Digital Image  (I copied and pasted a few of the snow dots to extend the blizzard)
Sentiment:  LOTV "Swirly Festive Greetings" Digital
Crystal Glamour Dust

My Trusty Sewing Machine

So that is me for today, but before I go I want to thank everyone who left me such lovely comments, and sent thoughtful emails regarding my Mum. It was really kind of you all, and the good wishes definitely helped.

Wednesday 20 October 2021


Hi Everyone

A teeny, tiny card to share today .. .. .. which for anyone new to my blog measures a whole 3.5 inches square.   This should have been on my blog yesterday but it never happened.

This uses another image from the recently acquired Penny Black stamp set I bought via Ebay.

This used:

Image:  Penny Black "30-143" Joy to the World  & "30-259" Wonderful and Jolly
Sentiment:  Clearly Besotted "CBSP0225" Rockin' Robin
Backing Paper:  From Snippet Mountain
Distress Ink:  Tumbled Glass
Gold Glamour Dust
My Trusty Sewing Machine

Thankfully I had most of this post written and ready for just adding the pictures .. .. .. because things are once again "pear shaped" here in the House of Hearts.  

Mum took a turn for the worse again (after me declaring her to be more like her old self), so I cancelled her flu jab and then Monday she ended up being admitted to hospital.  It felt extra horrible because I wasn't allowed to be with her due to the Covid restrictions and I knew she would be very, very frightened.  As they took her away she kept saying "can Julie come with me, let Julie come with me".  (Always my Sunday name with Mum LOL!!).

But this is how millions of people will have felt over these last two years, patients and relatives alike.   At least with Mum it isn't Covid related .. .. .. .. I am just hoping she doesn't catch it whilst she is in there!!

I am now allowed a half hour visiting slot (if there is one available) which means I am now the designated visitor.  So I am going to take my ipad with me so the others can see her when I go to visit later this afternoon.

Just playing the waiting game now to see what the next move is. 

But one thing we do know, it will involve the same sketch as last time she came home from hospital and my Sister and I will be doing sleepovers on Mum's settee until she is back to full strength

Anyway, we will see what today brings .. .. .. and if I don't get to post or comment on your lovely blogs for a while .. .. you know why.  I will be around again as soon as I can.

Hope everyone's week is going better than mine.  Take care!

Sunday 17 October 2021


Hi Everyone

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend.

Another busy one here .. .. .. so just a quick Christmas make from me today.  I love making this style of card.

This used:

Images:  Cardio "Festive Scene" and "Mini Tall Trees"
Sentiment:  Penny Black "30-140" Christmas Cheer
Backing Paper:  The Lovely Studio "Twas the Night Script"  (looking like they have stopped trading)
Distress Ink:  Stormy Sky
My Trusty Sewing Machine

and that is me with another lovely flat Christmas card sitting waiting for the festive season.

I hope the coming week is going to be kind to everyone.  Take care.

Thursday 14 October 2021


Hi Everyone

I hope your Thursday has been a good one.

I certainly can't say I am a fan of the nights getting darker so early.  I don't like crafting by electric light.

More Christmas from me today:

This used:

Image:  LOTV Digital Image "Christmouse Pudding"
Sentiment:  Computer Generated
Backing Paper:  Make & Create "Merry and Bright"
Corner Rounding Punch
My Trusty Sewing Machine

and that is another Christmas card added to the box.

Many thanks for all the comments and emails regarding my Mum.  You are all so very kind.

It is certainly good to see her more like her old self again .. .. .. just in time to be treated to a flu jab on Saturday!! 

Catch you again soon

Wednesday 13 October 2021


Hi Everyone

I hope your week is progressing well.

I am super happy to report that Mum seems back on track again after a worrying week or so  .. .. .. thankfully life is feeling more normal again and I have been able to visit my little craft pod a little more frequently.

This is one little creation I have put together which uses a "new to me" stamp set which I acquired from Ebay.  I bought it because I wanted the image I have used here .. .. but there are some other beauties in the set that will be getting an airing too.

This used:

Image:  Penny Black Clear Stamp Set "30-143" Joy to the World
Sentiment:  Digistamp Boutique (sadly no longer trading)
Backing Papers:  From Snippet Mountain
Snowflakes: Memory Box Die "99031" Snowflake Heart
Crystal Glamour Dust (not that you can see it in the photographs)
My Trusty Sewing Machine

As everything but the card base has come from snippet mountain, I am running over to Pixie's Snippets Challenge where we are encouraged to use up any leftovers we may have.  Be these card, paper, fabric, ribbon .. .. in fact anything you can create something else from.

I really don't think I will ever see the back of my snippets as hard as I try .. .. .. ..  or even feel I have them under control .. .. .. .. but I am going to keep up the fight anyway.  

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.

Monday 11 October 2021


Hi Everyone

Life is still very hectic here .. .. .. last week was a blur with most of it centered around my Mum .. .. .. but I have my fingers tightly crossed that things are going to revert to some kind of normality again this week.

Today is a special day, it is our eldest Son's birthday.  The lovely London Kid who I am very proud of!  Not sure what I did to get two such wonderful sons but I am certainly glad and grateful that they are mine.

This is the card I made .. .. ..  which gives a nod to two black rescue cats he and his wife adopted early in 2020.

This used: 

Image:  Opulence by Design "Black Cat with Oil and Chalk"
Sentiment:  Computer Generated
Backing Papers:  Eline's House Digital Papers - Roses are Red 1 and The Lovely Studio (sadly nowhere to link to)
Spellbinder Circle Dies
X-Cut Corner Rounding Punch
Nail Heads
Metallic Cord
My Trusty Sewing Machine

Hopefully things are going to be improving here this week.  There is lots to be working on  .. .. including a little thing called Christmas!!

Talking of which I picked up the Royal Mail delivery dates for Christmas last week .. .. so here are our panic dates for this year:

Saturday 18th December 
-  Latest recommended date for 2nd class post

Tuesday 21st December 
-  Latest recommended date for 1st class post

Thursday 23rd December
-  Latest recommended date for Special Delivery

I am sure we will all be ready well before these dates though .. .. .. 
after all we have known about it all year!  LOL!

Catch you again soon.

Sunday 3 October 2021


Hi Everyone

Apologies for my absence (again) .. .. .. it has been a very hectic week here in the House of Hearts, but sadly not on the crafting front .. .. .. life had different plans for my time as Mum hasn't been too good.

Hopefully things will improve this coming week and I can open my craft pod door a little bit more often.  But if not then it just wasn't meant to be.

I did have a very quick attempt at a digitally created Christmas card though and it ended up looking like this:

This used:

Image Backing:  LOTV:  Watercolour Circles
Christmas Tree:  Fantastic Clipart:  Christmas Tree Clipart
Sentiment:  Computer Generated using font "Impact Label"
Backing Paper:  The Lovely Studio (sadly it still looks like this is another on-line store that has closed)

My Trusty Sewing Machine

Quite pleased with it really.

So short and sweet from me today as I try to catch up with the world and get back on top of things.

Take care everyone.

Tuesday 28 September 2021


Hi Everyone

Happy Tuesday

I hope everyone's week is off to a good start .. .. .. and your cars have adequate supplies of fuel.  

Our weekend was brilliant with all the family home.  My little nest was full again .. .. just for a little while.

I was very good and shared the fun by calling round to my Sister (she was as excited as I was to see everyone) and we sat out in the sunshine with a cuppa, catching up on everyone's news.  We also visited Mum .. .. .. so I wasn't greedy!  I shared all the happy vibes that everyone was giving off. 

We fitted so much in that I can't believe it really.

So now all of us are back in our own homes, but with extra memories crammed into our hearts and brains.  

I promised myself that I wasn't going to sulk once it was all over, but was going to simply be super grateful that the London Kids were happy to travel all that way so we could all be together.

Back into the old routine now though and I have lots of cards and projects to work on. Never a dull moment here.

My day started with a little batch of teeny tiny thank you cards .. .. .. which for anyone new to my blog measure a whole 3.5 inches square:

These used:

Image and Backing Paper:  Whimsy Dreams Clipart "Blue Fairy Meadow"
Sentiment:  LOTV "Spring Mix "
Glitter Paper
My Trusty Sewing Machine

That just leaves me to make four teeny, tiny envelopes now.

So back to it now and hopefully this evening will see me start to catch up with my blog commenting again. 

Friday 24 September 2021


Hi Everyone

I hope your week has been a good one.

We are all ready for the London Kids landing here tomorrow.  I can't wait.  My family all together for the first time since 2019 .. .. .. before all this mayhem of the last two years began.

Hope I can sleep tonight with all the excitement churning up inside!  I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! LOL!!

I have added a new sketch to my Rectangular Sketch Library which you can find at the top of my blog .. .. and it looks like this.  Yesterday I actually learnt how to round the corners of my rectangles .. .. so that had to feature in my latest sketch:

and put to good use it "could" look like this .. .. but of course there are lots of options.

This used:

Image:  Woodware "JGS300" Going to Seed (love this stamp so much).
Sentiment:  Digistmp Boutique Clear Stamp Set - Sadly no longer trading
Backing Papers:  Simply Creative "Sweet Dreams"
X-Cut Corner Rounding Punch
Diamond Stickles
Promarkers for just a bit of subtle colouring
One solitary Nail Head
My Trusty Sewing Machine

So that is me for today.  

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend as much as I know I am going to.

Just hope the London Kids have a full tank of petrol to get them to me .. .. .. but I won't worry about whether they have enough to get them home again LOL!!!   Hopefully they won't have enough to get them to the end of the drive because I am happy to keep them in my little nest for as long as I possibly can.

Tuesday 21 September 2021


Hi Everyone

I hope your Tuesday is going to be a good one.

Just a scheduled post today (if it works).  I don't think I have scheduled one since Mr Blogger made all the changes .. .. so we will have to wait and see if I managed it OK.

Lots of work on at this end so plenty to keep me out of mischief .. .. .. but Christmas is still needing to be looked at seriously now, and Christmas wouldn't be Christmas here unless this beauty of a die comes out to play.  I use it every year and it is just perfect on my teeny tiny cards (3.5 inches square for anyone new to my blog).

This used:

Memory Box Die "Pine Border Outline"
Backing Paper - Make and Create "Marble Dreams"  (I was quite lucky that there were two papers that had the same pattern but were different colours .. .. .. I thought they both look like falling snow).
Sentiment:  Cut & Make "Mini Christmas Die"
Nail Heads
My Trusty Sewing Machine

and that is it!  A tiny post for a tiny card.

I hope all is well with everyone.  All systems go at this end and hopefully a visit from the London kids at the weekend.  We haven't seen them (other than via Facetime) since 2019 .. .. .. so I can't wait.  Just hoping nothing happens to spoil it.

Have a good day!