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Sunday, 19 September 2010


Hi Everyone

A very late report on today .. .. .. it has taken a while to get home LOL!!

The place that we sold our wares in over the weekend is normally the hair salon that my lovely Sis and her partner own .. .. .. so before we left it had to be transformed back so it was ready for "hair" business. Chairs and computers and hair products all needed to be put back into place.

My Sister and I always love the Festival and are always sad when it is over .. .. but this year it felt different because we have arranged another two craft fairs .. .. 4 weeks until our next adventure into somewhere new!! Yay!!

We are looking to try and do one a month so that it is never long until our next one. My Sister makes those beautiful bridal bags that you saw yesterday but also handbags too so we go out and about as a little joint venture. We love spending time together .. .. we are so alike and best mates. I love her to pieces!!

This Festival has been our best yet. We have done 4 in total now and each year just gets better and better.

My lady didn't return for the Christening card I made especially for her last night .. .. typical. But never mind.

So we got back to "near" home and my lovely hubby decided we should celebrate a good weekend with a quick drink and a Chinese takeaway.

Lovely, but the sad part is that people at my local and at the Chinese clearly haven't seen me for so long they wondered where I had been and made a joke that it must be my birthday to be out and about .. .. .. note to self .. .. .. .. spend more time socialising with my hubby!!!!
So just about to settle into my food and a bottle of red.

No pictures but I will be back with a creation .. .. which might be the non-collected christening card if the photographs I took in a rush this morning worked out OK.

My knees were fine today. They must have got over the shock.
So sorry, still no blog hopping .. .. .. but I will put this to rights over the next couple of days.

Hope your weekend was good.

Love Jules xx


Alison said...

Congratulations on the festival and on arranging some future dates. I'm toying with trying a craft fair myself but always worry about not having enough cards because I don't get that much time to craft. May just stick with the basket at work!
Hugs, Alison x

coops said...

congrats on the festival jules and i hope you have a good rest now before the next one :)
see you soon.

xx coops xx

Tracy said...

So pleased you had a great time with your sister at the fair, it must be fantastic to be so close to each other.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

lisa said...

I'm so glad it all went well, Jules. Your display looks stunning and your Sister's bags are amazing, all those beads. What a talented pair you are. It's wonderful that your craft compliments each other and you get along so well. I envy you. I hardly ever see my Sister and she only lives a mile away!!
Fancy that lady not collecting her card, she must be mad!!
On to the next fair now. Good luck with all the prep.
Hope you are having a good rest today though.
Hugs Lisax

peahen said...

Glad you had a good time at the festival, I'm sorry that I didn't get over to say hello. But it sounds like there will be more opportunities :-)

Jacee said...

sounds like you both had a ball, I'm so pleased that it all went well for you and your sister.