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Sunday, 17 October 2010


Hi Everyone

Well here I am back from my craft fair .. .. .. it was rubbish !!  :-(

I can't  believe all the effort I have put into preparing to come away with not even covering the cost of my table .. .. I was £3.50 short!!  But that was good compared to some - others never even sold a thing.  We paid a bit more than we normally do thinking that the venue would attract more visitors.

It had been well advertised but perhaps the weather was so nice that folks decided to do other things.  Having said that though they were charging for people to get in and we all thought that was really bad.

The place was rather short of visitors but there were a couple of special people I met.

The first was my lovely blog buddy Shell from The Camels Hump.  It was great to meet her for the first time and her lovely family  -  I was really touched that she made the effort to come and say hello as I know that she hasn't been feeling well for quite a while now.  (Thanks Shell  xx).

The second was a smashing lady called Julie-Ann who came talking with me.  We stood and discussed all things crafty and it turned out that this lovely lady owns her very own craft store .. ... lucky Julie!!!

It is called Bee Crafty in Worcestershire.  Such a lovely lady and she was very positive and encouraging (I was despairing a little at this point LOL!!).

Julie also mentioned that they have just started up a new challenge blog so if anyone is in the mood for a challenge you will find one here.  Julie was so friendly I thought it would be nice if I could get a few entries into the challenge for her.  Not sure if I will get chance to play this week Julie .. .. but I promise to play another week.

OK .. .. time to have a lovely long soak in a hot bath of bubbles and then pick myself up, brush myself down and start all over again!!  (There is a song in there somewhere LOL!!!).

We had a really early start this morning .. .. alarms at 6.00am .. .. and my little eyes are shutting.  Best be careful in that bath!!!

At least I have lots of stock to share amongst the folk who have been asking for boxes!! LOL!!!

Back to blogland tomorrow night and a big catch up on what everyone has been up to whilst I have been preparing for the craft fair of the century!!

Here's to the next one!!



Milliesmarvels said...

So sorry you had a bad day Jules, you have the right attitude though, tomorrow is another day! Hope you enjoy your soak!

Tracy said...

So sorry Jules the fair didn't quite turn out very well. The fact there was an entry fee probably put people off.
Chin up girl, the next one will be better.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Doreen said...

Oh Jule's do not despair, at least it wasn't just you.I have put a card into Julie's challenge and have become a follower.see you

Linda . J said...

Sorry about your awful day Jules my heart goes out you after all your hard work, but your positive and your work is beautiful so have a good soak and rest.

Big Hugs Linda

Loopylou. said...

oh hun, sending hugs! sounds like it was a bit pants xxxxxx

Carrie said...

Aww how disheartening but at least you sold some things and your name is out there!!!! How horrible would it have been if you never sold a thing?!!! Think of the bright side of it..... you know that it has nothing to do with your stuff and was probably just the weather!! Onwards and upwards as they say!! xx

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Oh hun I am so sorry things got no better after we left you...but one good thing did come out of today we finally got to meet up after talking online for so long, its really nice to have met up with you. Thank you for my little prezzie & just to say nope, thats one I really wanted but at both shows I have been to they had sold out of that a great big thank you from me!!
You take it easy & I hope to see you again real soon
hugs shell xx

coops said...

hiya sorry the fayre did not go well but at least you tried, thats the main thing.hopefully your next one will be better.enjoy your soak in the bath and have a nice relaxing night :D

xx coops xx

Vicky said...

So sorry you had an awful day hun!, and all that hard work you put into it:o(
have a long soak Jules and the next one you do will be brill!!!!
Lots of hugs Vicky xx

Beryl said...

Oh Jules - so sorry the craft fair was a disappointment. All that work and not to even brek even. Hope it doesn't deter you from trying again sometime.
Beryl xx

Julie-Ann said...

Arhh Jules thats just pants, your cards are tremendous. It was so lovely to meet you today and I really hope you the bestest for the future with your enterprise.
Take care and big {{{Hugs}}}
Julie-Ann xx

Netty said...

Am so sorry sure you will do well another time. Enjoy your bath. Annette x

pinky said...

Thats a shame Jules, but don't get too disheartened, things will pick up again.

Anonymous said...

Oh - I'm a bit scared now, I'm doing my first fair (very local) in Dec and as your work is so much more saleable than mine I 'm unsure whether I've made the wrong decision.
Your next fair will be better I'm sure. Love looking for the heart.
x Tricia

Little K Smith said...

Oh Jules, it's sooo disappointing when it's like that! But, don't despair your work is always gorgeous and there's always next time :)
Take care.

Carol Ann said...

Aww Jules I'm sorry the craft show was rubbish! You are luck to have met Shell in person she is such a lovely lady. I have become a follower at Bee Crafty and will hopefully play along at their next challenge.
Carol Ann xx

Anonymous said...

awww I'm sorry it didnt turn out great, that sucks they were charging people to get in. No wonder there wasn't a great turn-out!

All the best in the future with other fairs!!!

Lynne K said...

What a shame after all your hard work. Guess that's how it goes sometimes, the thing is not to let it put you off but look forward to the next one. Hope the coming week will be a bit more relaxing for you.

Hugs, Lynne xx

Di said...

So sorry for you Jules,you must be gutted after all that work.I've often wondered if it would be worth having a bash at a school fete or something but i'm sure "craft rage" would break out if people were just mauling my stuff and walking off.

Juls said...

Hi Jules, what a shame!!! I am sure the next one will be better, sending big hugs!! Juls

PinksyDoodles said...

Sorry to hear the craft fair was slow especially after all your hard work. I hope the next one is better attended as your creations are sure to be snapped up.
Hugs, Clare x

lisa said...

Oh Jules, what a shame. After all the work you put in. It's not good that they were charging people to get in, that's always a turn off. Still it was just one day, there will be better ones I know, your cards are so lovely.
Have a few days off relaxing, you deserve it.
Love and Hugs Lisax

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Poor Jules, what a wasted day, I've been like that selling cards at craftdays at church, if it's not 50p there off. janex

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Sorry to hear that the fair turned out as a disappointment but hey, your cards are still gorgeous!

Take care,

big hugs

G Peplow said...

Oh! so sorry that it didn't go better for you Jules, all that effort, what a shame. I hope you had a good nights sleep and feel a lot better today:0) xx

craftimamma said...

What a shame Jules as I know how much hard work you put into your creations (not to mention your heart!).

I do think the organisers charging an entry fee makes a big difference. There's a venue just a few short miles from me that hold craft fairs 2 or 3 times a year with excellent exhibitors like you and they charged quite a lot to go in which I think is so unfair when they are charging the exhibitors for their stands anyway.

Better luck next time Buddy.

Lesley Xx

Jacee said...

Oh jules, I'm so sorry the craft fair was a dissapointment, it is only because of lack of visitors and people watching their pennys otherwise your cards would have flown out as your work is wonderful, don't be disheartened the next one will be better!