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Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hi Everyone

I hope you have all had a lovely day.

I have had a good day .. .. but boy was it cold.  I managed to get lots and lots of layers on under my coat so my body was warm as toast but I just couldn't keep my hands and feet warm enough.

We had out little heater going and took turns in warming ourselves in front of it .. .. but it was so cold that even the heater was struggling.

It was a better fayre than our last one but it wasn't worth the torture.  Never again .. .. I promised my hubby I won't subject him to that ever again.  Not many chaps would have put up with what he put up with today.  He even missed his football and never complained!!

So here are a couple of photographs I took at the end of our experience

Here you can see some of the barges on the frozen canal .. ..
none of the boats going anywhere there today!!
The icy patch is frozen reindeer wee wee!!! 
You really wanted to know that didn't you!?!?!?!?

Here are part of the Christmas lights  
-  the tree was amazing and my photograph does not do it justice.
To the left is the area where we were.
You can see my lovely hubby packing away for me whilst I took the photographs .. .. he is the one in the black coat with the white stripe down the sleeve who couldn't wait to get home.  Bless!! 
How lucky I am that he is mine!!

We have got home .. .. had lovely baths and now are about to open a bottle of red whilst waiting for a Chinese meal to be delivered .. .. with our faces glowing!!!

All thawed now and thanking our lucky stars that we don't work outdoors every day of the week!!!

Tomorrow I am looking forward to cleaning my mucky house and having a good blog catch up in the evening.  I have missed having a good nosey around everywhere.

Enjoy what is left of your evening.  See you soon.



Alison said...

You must be really brave (or daft!-lol) to have done that fair today! It has been really cold here today. Had to laugh at the reindeer wee!!
Snuggle up well.
Hugs, Alison x

Loopylou. said...

hope you have warmed up hun and mmmmm chinese!!!!! the lights were very pretty and it does look chilly!!! hugs Lou xxx

Lisa said...

Hi Jules, Glad to hear you have thawed out. Hope you both enjoy your Chinese and wine :o)... you definitely deserve it after being frozen all day.

Lisa x

♥Gemma♥ said...

oooooooo.....Jules im supprised you and hubby havent got frost bite *shuddered* glad to hear you are both back home where is nice and warm.
Enjoy your wine and chinese :o)
hugs and xxx

Netty said...

The pictures are fab. Glad you all got warmed up though.....brrrrrrrrrr. Annette x

Doreen said...

The pics a great it is just unfortunate that it was as cold as it was. Normally it wouldn't be so cold just yet.Just look at it as an

Tracy said...

Your both very brave, glad your home safe.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Jules I have been thinking about you on and off today, I am so glad that it went well and those Christmas lights look so festive, the wine and Chinese sound a perfect ending to your day, enjoy.
Lorraine x

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry it wasn't worth the fuss. But at least you saw some beautiful lights and you got to appreaciate dear hubby, thats always nice!

Enjoy your wine and chinese food! yum!

Stay Warm, its hideous hot and humid here dear!

Tracey T said...

Hope you've thawed out by now - I think you were very brave to be out there in such cold weather. Tracey T x

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Wow Jules!

Sounds like you really deserved that wine hunni, hope you have thawed out now!

Emma xxx

Nannieflash said...

To much information about the reindeer wee, but what a fab thing you did well done even if you did get frozen, and I dont blame you not sure Id but up with the cold for anything.
Love that tree its gorgeous and so different. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

lisa said...

It all looks very festive, Jules but you must have been very hardy to brave the cold. Who'd have believed it could get so arctic in November!!!! What on earth is the rest of the Winter going to be like?
Glad you've warmed up now.
Hugs Lisax

Kathy said...

Fab photos Jules - it looks like a really special event and I'm sure the chilly weather added to the atmosphere even if it didn't do much for fingers and toes! Hope you did really well and sold lots of stuff - you certainly deserve a good result after all the hard work and putting up with the cold!

Sandy said...

Ah Jules, your hubby sounds like a keeper:) The lights look fantastic but I can't imagine being out there all day! Glad to hear you have the right ingredients for a thaw though--warm bath and wine:)