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A very warm welcome to my teeny, tiny part of the huge world of blogging. This is where I share my passion for making hand made greeting cards. So - why "Always with a Heart"? Well this is for two reasons. Firstly, it is because every card I produce carries a heart on it somewhere. This can be big and bold or small and almost hidden - the fun sometimes is just trying to find it! Secondly it is because I put my heart into everything I produce. I hope that any visitors enjoy seeing what I post. If you drop by then please leave me a comment so that I know you called. It would be nice to know that you have found my heart in what I do.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Hi Everyone

Sorry, but I am a bit late tonight .. .. .. but what great strides we have made again today.

I spent the morning engrossed in DT work (which I am not allowed to share just yet) - whilst watching lots and lots and lots of snow fall down from the sky!!!  Yukky dah .. .. it had better disappear before the weekend!!

Mr Postie brought me a little parcel from my lovely boss lady "Anice" over at Funky Hand (thank you Anice xx).  It contained something very special and exciting for me to play with ahead of its launch in January .. .. .. something completely new that Funky Hand have never done before .. .. and this is only the first of lots of surprises.  Woo hoo!!!

Hubby and I then went on parcel delivery duty .. .. but that is never a quick job is it?  You think it will be but no!!  By the time you have caught up, had a cup of tea and a mincepie the time flies.  We still have a few to deliver but at least we have made a hole in what we need to do.

But joy of joys .. .. .. the food shopping is done (and without too much grief)!!!!

All we need now are the things we will have forgotten!!!  Which at this point is only lemonade until I look through my cooking books!!   LOL!!! 

So I am afraid there is no make to share with you today .. .. my makes are for sharing later .. .. but I will just mention a couple of things from my post of yesterday.

Firstly ... ... where was the heart?!?!?!?!?

I promise it was there and you can find it here.

Secondly I was asked about the doodling around my image yesterday.  This was something that Barbara Gray from Claritystamp Ltd did on Create and Craft earlier this month.  I thought it looked quite neat and you can see it here.   Just click on the picture and it will enlarge for you to see it better.  I think that Barbara is one awesome artist .. .. sadly I cannot replicate her brayering or amazing stamping techniques but I can at least replicate her doodling

Barbara did the doodling by simply placing a ruler where she wanted the doodles to finish and then drew the squiggly line .. .. butting the squiggles up to the ruler every so often.  I think it looks really effective.

I hope that everyone's Christmas preparations are going to plan.  Not many "sleeps" left now!!!



Anonymous said...

very cool, love that!

Beryl said...

Funny you should mention the hearts on yesterday make. I hve to admit I don't always find it but I was determined to find it and did so - and thought them very clever. We managed to get of the very snowy, icy lane today to get the food shopping. Don't care if I can't get out for a while now. Bit of a drama on the way back though as we met a tractor a little way before our house and had to back up quite a way and then try to get a grip to get going again. Still can't get on the drive though.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas.
Beryl xx

Vicky said...

3 more sleeps to go three more sleeps till santa!, See I am trying lol! Glad you have finished your shopping and I'm curious to know what Anice has sent you!! I am getting a little excited now cause a big parcel turned up today from C&C! You will have to guess what it is, but little clue its pink and it's an embossing machine :oD
Hope it has stopped snowing now and your son can get to you for Xmas :o)
Take care and stay warm, hugs Vicky xx

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Jules, thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog and also for becoming a follower. I've had a good look around your lovely blog and your work is fantastic. I'm looking forward to visiting you loads. Hope you and yours have a lovely christmas and new year.

Donna x

Carole Campanile said...

Loved yesterdays card Jules.

Saw your post on my blog; it's nice to know others would have total craft space take over if they lived alone. LOL I guess I should be grateful I manage to keep it contained in the kitchen.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Looking forward to 2011 and getting to spend more time on blogland making friends like you.

Always .....

craftimamma said...

Hi Jules, Sorry I've been awol again. I just can't seem to get a grip since we had all our snow at the beginning of the month. I think I just want to go hibernate, Lol!

Love your make from yesterday. The image is lovely and I love the colours too and your doodling is awesome, Lol! My doodling always looks like a right old mess.

Hope your son and DIL make it to you for Christmas. We are headed up the A1 hopefully!

Just wanted to wish you a really happy and peaceful Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Take care if you get the snow and ice that we have ......... again!!!

Lesley Xx

Nannieflash said...

Hi Jules, yes we all feel like that over Barbara Grays work shes one very talented lady and her stamps are fabulous.
Ive no doubt you are busy as your work is also stunning and Im sure your having fun playing with the new goodies.
I hope you and the family have a wonderful Xmas, take care with love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx