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A very warm welcome to my teeny, tiny part of the huge world of blogging. This is where I share my passion for making hand made greeting cards. So - why "Always with a Heart"? Well this is for two reasons. Firstly, it is because every card I produce carries a heart on it somewhere. This can be big and bold or small and almost hidden - the fun sometimes is just trying to find it! Secondly it is because I put my heart into everything I produce. I hope that any visitors enjoy seeing what I post. If you drop by then please leave me a comment so that I know you called. It would be nice to know that you have found my heart in what I do.

Sunday 17 July 2011


Hi Everyone

Well what a wet and miserable weekend !!!

Just the kind of weekend to not make you feel guilty for staying indoors and crafting more than usual LOL!!!

Having said that though I only have three snippet makes to share with you today :-(

This little Christmas card might look quite big here but in actual fact the face of the easel is only 2.5 inches square  .. .. super dinky and super cute .. .. and how small were those Christmas tree snippets?  That's why I can't throw any away!!!  LOL!!!

So who were my lovely playmates this week .. .. .. 

Well, off to a bright and early start this week was Irene and what a fantastic card she made.  It has the most truthful and thought provoking sentiment on it .. .. .. I think this would be good framed and put on the wall as a reminder to myself.  Fantastic embossing on show and great use of punches too.  An all round brilliant make.  Thank you for kicking us off this week Irene and for also playing along a second time here with another gorgeous make and an entry into a great charity challenge (more details of which are further down this post).

Next to play was Lynne who produced two lovely snippet makes .. .. both featuring papers that I too invested in ages ago .. . but still haven't managed to use up fully.  Lynne always manages to use her snippets so beautifully.  I also made a rash promise whilst visiting Lynne and said that I would post a picture of my snippet collection this week .. .. .. well a promise is a promise so prepare yourself for a shock at the end of this post LOL!!!  (No cheating and looking now!!  You need to hear about all of my other playmates first!!).

Then Christmas appeared on Brenda B's blog.  No hyper sports activity from Brenda this week (tee hee) . .. .. I think it was probably far too warm .. .. but she did impress me with a gorgeous Christmas card sharing not only beautiful snippets but one of the loves of my live .. .. a Penny Black image!!! 

Sandra played along twice this week and is fast becoming a lovely regular playmate .. .. her first beautiful make is here using another of my favourite Penny Black images .. .. and it was also entered into a great  challenge called St Luke's Charity Card Challenge.   Please take a look at the good work that this charity challenge is doing.  You will find details here and if you are able to take part or donate any cards I know they will be very appreciative.

Sandra's second card can be seen here.  I love the way that Sandra stamps her background prior to adding her snippets.  It makes for such a great look.  Thank you so much for the inspiration you give Sandra xx.

My lovely Funky Hand playmate Lou came along to play this week too.  Only Lou could successfully add a piece of gravel to her creation and make it work!!  Your card really made me smile Lou xx and I love your papers and image.

I had another new playmate this week too .. .. Mandy.  Mandy created such a lovely scene with her snippets  .. .. I loved the birds sitting in the nest!!  Thank you for playing along Mandy xx.

Sally was the next girl to join the fun in the playground.   There are two gorgeous cards on this post but it is the second one that uses up the snippets.  I felt extra chuffed to see hearts on this creation too!!  LOL!!  What am I like?

My next playmate was Katina who came along with a lovely bright snippet make .. .. and what fabby snippets they were too.  A very special make for her Granddaughters who are off on holiday ... ... mmm...  don't think I am going to manage one of those this year :-( 

Andria (complete with her new profile picture) is the next one to share a special snippet make.  Such lovely snippets and a great way to use them.    Loving all the dots and spots on this one ... both in the form of embossing and as part of the paper pattern.  Andria has also just broken up for a summer break .. .. happy holidays Andria xx.

Another newbie in the playground this week was Vicky and how special was Vicky's make.  Lots of loveliness to look at.  You really must read Vicky's post .. .. it really made me smile.

Then yet another new playmate was Tammy who also played along twice this week.  Tammy has moved house fairly recently and as yet doesn't have her full stash supplies to hand .. .. so she is making the most of using up her snippets (which she has been able to find!!!).

Perhaps this is the answer ladies.  Perhaps we need to pack away any paper stacks and full pages of designer paper then our snippet piles might reduce too !! LOL!!

You can see Tammy's lovely creations here and here.  Thank you for playing along Tammy and for sharing your lovely makes.

In fact thank you to all of you lovely ladies for all the inspiration you are providing not only for me but also for all of the visitors who I know enjoy hopping around to see you all.

OK then .. ..  now to my shocking reveal.  But before I start let me just say .. ..

my name is Juls and I am a paperholic !!!!

There ... ... I have said it .. .. and now I am going to be brave and share my snippet collection:

This first picture shows my "organised snippets".  These are all stored according to colour and although these drawers look huge the whole set of drawers is only about 15 inches high with each drawer being approx. 3 inches deep.

These are organised into black/grey, blue, green, red, pink, brown/orange, purple and yellow/cream

Next are my semi organised snippets.  The back stack have been cut ready to cover the face of a square card exactly and the front little box are just random bits.

Coming up next is my naughty drawer and the one I am most ashamed of.  This is stuffed full of anything and everything I can't bear to part with.  In here are old envelopes, bits of plastic, bits of paper that have been floating around since I starting crafting years ago!!!  This drawer is rather big I have to admit unlike the others.

In an ideal world this drawer would be empty .. .. but I can't see that happening in a hurry.  Some of what is in here should be in the small drawers .. .. but they are too full to hold many more!!!

So my mission between now and Christmas is to see exactly how much I can reduce this "naughty drawer" .

They only snippets I haven't shown you are all my white ones .. .. .. there are mega tons of those.  Imagine cutting out loads of invitations and favour boxes and all the offcuts I collect from those!!!  I need to start doing a few background papers of my own and doing more with these.

So are you all totally ashamed of me? 

I am going to post the same pictures at the end of the year just to see if I have managed any improvement .. .. but with all the crafting I do I just have a feeling I might be creating a few more!!  LOL!!!

So is anyone else brave enough to share their snippet collection and how they store them?

That is me for today .. .. tonight is the final of The Apprentice.  I think I would like Tom to win!!!

Have a lovely evening everyone and once you have stopped laughing at my snippets I hope you will pay a visit to my lovely playmates.

If you make any creations with your snippets over the course of the week or simply want to share a picture of your snippet collection then please link below so we can all come and visit you.



angelwhispers said...

Your cards are just wonderful and I'm so proud of you and your snippets are so tidy and organised!!

I must admit when I get fed up of all the odd pieces I am very naughty and bin them all!!!!!!

How bad is that!!! Chanelle xxx

Lynne said...

Gorgeous makes as always Jules and a Christmas card too. I think I`ll have to start on them soon. My snippet stash is a bit paltrey now I`ve seen yours but my coloured card snippets are something else.Lol.
Lynne xxx

Cynthia said...

Oh my GOODNESS, Jules!! And I thought *I* had lots of snips left!!! LOL!!

I really love the cards, especially the pretty flowers on the second one. Once again, your use of snippets to make such beauty amazes me!

Doreen said...

Your cards are gorgeous Jules,
I was thinking about your snippet storage solution and I think you should just have more drawers then the others wouldn't be so full and you wouldn't feel guilty Yah !!!! problem

Amanda said...

Lovely makes Jules and wow your snippet drawers are much more organised than mine. I may even share mine once I can find a wide angle lens for my camera lol

Irene said...

Hello Jules

Three fabulous cards, my favourite is the Christmas card. Thank you for making me giggle this evening.


Lynne said...

Would I dare to post a card NOT made with snippets on a Sunday Jules? Lol
Lynne xxx

Vicky said...

OMW...Jules all those snippet least they are organised...and I cannot wait to see the piccies at the end of the year..and I bet they will look the same..hehehe..!

gorgeous makes as usual...and the wee easel card is adorable..!

have a lovely evening...hugs Vicky xx

P.s enjoy your tv too..!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules, fabulous cards, though I think you will have to make quite a few more to empty those drawers, lol! Managed to join in your snippet quest this week but I didn't make much of a dent in my scrap box with this one, sorry!
Helen x

lisa said...

Love all your snippet cards, Jules. you must have the patience of a saint to have cut out those tiny trees but what a gorgeous little card.
You certainly have plenty of snippets to go at there. I only have a tiny amount compared to you and I do my best to use up the white snippets before I start cutting into new sheets but you do have to be disciplined don't you.
Lets hope the weather cheers up, it's not been very Summery has it, but it certainly means you can craft without feeling guilty.
Hope you have a good week.
Hugs Lisax

Di said...

No Jules, I'm not ashamed of you at all. I'm proud of you. I need some of those drawers. My snippets are all crammed in one box so i have to sift through the whole lot. As for having card front sized pieces, I haven't even thought of that one. Thanks for the tip. If I had won the Euromillions I had planned to but David Beckham to lock in my craft room for tidying up and other uses..................

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Jules, love all the fab snippets hun. My fave is the last one. So cote and I adore the little christmas trees. Your snippets are so well organised, mine are all stored in in a 'naughty' basket. It takes me ages to find what I want.

Donna x

Sally said...

Oh Jules, such a big snippet collection but I'm proud of you for not throwing anything away. Perhaps we could start a Paperholics support group, but I've a feeling that we're all past helping. lol. Super snippets cards, especially the mini easel, a great idea. I'll see what I can come up with next week.
Sally x

Lynsey said...

Hi Jules I really enjoyed reading your post tonight, I have to say I share your paper addiction! Love your snippet cards.
Hugs Lynsey x

Carol said...

Just come across your blog, love your snippet cards. I hope to join in at sometime (but off on my jollies tomorrow) as I have an overflowing bit box at the moment. Carol x

Tara Cardwell said...

Wow - your snippets are very organised - I'll show you what I do with mine later this week. Great cards too - I love the tiny easle. And to finish the weekend Tom won - yeah - I was routing for him from the beginning :-)

Jenny said...

Some gorgorgeous cards again Jules, I love the wee Christmas card too. Thanks for sharing your snippets photos...I now know mine are not organised enough :)
Jenny x

Grenouille Greetings said...

Goodness me, Jules. That's a whole shop full of snippets!!! And three lovely makes!!! Have a great week! Hugs, Lesley

Anonymous said...

oh wow, your cards are baeutiful, you seriously do an amazing job with snippets!

and WOW have you ever got a load of them!!!

I could craft forever with just your snippets LOL!!!

Can't wait to see what you make next week!

Sandy said...

Oh Jules, you're too funny and way too organized, even with snippets!! I must admit that I am an 'earthy' girl who got into card making and some scrapbooking and then the EARTH part took over. Although I often have trouble matching papers and such for cards I have almost given up scrapbooking because of all the PAPER!! I keep thinking digital scrapbooking would be much more 'earth-friendly'. Course I haven't done that either!!

Di said...

Hi Jules. My first entry this week, inspired by Sandra. But, I hadn't realised you were going for the World Record for snippets!! Sheesh - that's a well organised shed-load for sure. Love the idea of this challenge - waste not, want not - and have some fun at the same time :) Di x

G Peplow said...

Fabulous cards Jules, especially the cute little Christmas trees, I know how tiddly they are as I have and love that stamp set:0)
Oh my word you have got a lot of paper but I have to say it does look well organised with only one drawer looking like it could benefit from a little snippet purge:0) Well done for fessing up!! LOL Gay xxx

Made by Mandy said...

Wow Jules, you do have a lot of snippets but you are so organised.

Do we have a definition of what makes a snippet? Is it a particular size or just a leftover from a whole sheet? I tend to go for the latter, but as you have proven with your little tree card you can use even the tiniest pieces :)

BTW, if that is your snippet collection. how much other paper do you have?????

Lots of love Mandy xxx

P.S. I hope you enjoyed the result on The Apprentice...... I really liked Tom but wanted Helen to win.

Karen said...

OMG as they say!!!!! Wow, never seen so many snippets in one place. I could have a field day using those on my cancer charity cards! I thought I was bad because I had an 8X8 bag of bits and pieces and I try to use as many as possible. You have more snippets than I have papers! Lucky you!!

coops said...

fantastic cards jules.really love them all and oh my gosh you wren`t kidding when you said you had lots of snippets.fingers crossed you are getting through them :D

xx coops xx

Sarn said...

OMG! I have just picked myself up off the floor after viewing all your, er, SNIPPETS! Good grief woman, no wonder you decided to make it a mission to reduce them!

Phew . . . that's gonna take a while!

Oh, and, as usual . . . your snippet makes this week are just FABBY!

Hugs, Sandra x

Lynda said...

You've got a fantastic snippet collection - no wonder you can made such fab cards from it!

Love Lynda xxx

Nannieflash said...

Hi Jules stunning cards and I can see you are as bad a paper horder as the rest of us, even the little left over bits. Oh well we will all have to joing in unison and try and beat the habit, like heck. hugs Shirleyxxx

Wishcraft said...

Blimey Jules! I really didn't think you'd have more than me but maybe you have lol... so organised though! I have a 'naughty' pile of disorganised snippets on my desk, a big box of fairly organised ones, and the rest are in bags with the paper packs they go with.

Love your cards. They're all fab, but love those little trees :o) Lisa x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful snippet cards again Jules! I thought my collection of snippets was big but you win easily!!! xx

Stella said...

HI Jules!
I only have one box filled with snippets; the bix is 2 inches high and 12 inches deep. Not much bit yout stash is a wonderful place to dig in :)
And your cards are beautiful; the first card is my favorite. I love the combo of stripes and gingham/houndstooth ( don't know for sure if this is the description....)

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Wow that's an amazing amount of snippets you've got! I really didn't think it would be that many! Makes my puny little pile look exactly that, puny and little! I was volunteering this past weekend at a car racing track, something I do every summer, so I was running around a lot if that counts for hyperactivity! It was very hot and humid, we measured 104F in the pits on Sunday, actual temperature was 96F. It was brutal. Lovely makes btw, such an incredibly cute little Christmas card. Hopefully I can join in later in the week.


Juls said...

I think we are with you on the paperholic thing! well done for bieng brave and sharing your collection! as always loving your collection of cards! hugs Juls

Andria said...

Nicely organised snippets although having seen yours i'm relieved now, mine are not so bad (photos to follow lol). Gorgeous gorgeous creative cards too!

Kaz said...

ROFL....Good grief woman...that is one BIG stash of snippets you have there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel so much better about my couple of shoe
Still you have tons of fabby card made too. Not had a chance to do any makes for a while but hoping to join you again now I'm on school hols :0)
Have a great weekend!
Kaz xx

Lynne K said...

My goodness, Jules! I've only just seen your pics - but now I feel so much better about my snippet stash! I'd never be able to use up as much as you've got in a month of Snippet Sundays! You definitely get points for organisation though! My bits are spread all over the place, so I'm not quite sure how many there are in total, but I do know it's nowhere near as much as yours! Wish I had time to join your Sunday playmates. Hopefully will once we've got moved and sorted out, but that could be a while yet....

Hugs, Lynne x