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A very warm welcome to my teeny, tiny part of the huge world of blogging. This is where I share my passion for making hand made greeting cards. So - why "Always with a Heart"? Well this is for two reasons. Firstly, it is because every card I produce carries a heart on it somewhere. This can be big and bold or small and almost hidden - the fun sometimes is just trying to find it! Secondly it is because I put my heart into everything I produce. I hope that any visitors enjoy seeing what I post. If you drop by then please leave me a comment so that I know you called. It would be nice to know that you have found my heart in what I do.

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Hi Everyone

I hope your Saturday has been good.

Mine started super early as I wanted to get quite a few things done ahead of meeting up with my happy wedding couple this afternoon.

I was well pleased because even before Hubby had made an appearance this morning I had managed to get my card made ready for sharing tonight, and also draft up what is fast becoming a mega post for my Sunday Snippet Challenge LOL!!!

So first my share .. .. and then my top tips on what not to do when making a card using glossy accents.

This used:

Image:  Bugaboo
Sentiment:  Computer Generated
Backing Papers:  Aimee Asher
Josy Rose:  Nail Heads
ProMarkers and Chalk
Pinking Shears
Cord from the Stash Box
AND NO GLOSSY ACCENTS!!!  See below ...............

OK so now it is time for my top tips.

Tip No. 1.  When you have finished making a card and you are pleased with it "just leave it alone"!!

Tip No. 2.  When you return to your card don't be tempted to alter it because of  "things that don't matter" LOL!!  As you can probably tell from the way this post is going I didn't follow tip number 1.

I had put glossy accents all over the balloon to give it a great shine .. .. as I was leaving it on my desk all day a lovely thick layer had loads of time to dry.

BUT ... .. ..

when I returned to my creation many hours later I decided that the glossy accents had turned my balloon a shade of orange .. .. it was no longer the lovely red it was supposed to be!!  :-(

SO .. ..

Tip No. 3  When you are not happy with the colour that your work has turned DO NOT be tempted to try and colour over the top of your dried glossy accents with ProMarkers!!!  Yes it will recolour it, yes it will still shine a bit .. .. but it looks naff!!

SO .. ..

Tip No. 4  If you try to wipe off the added ProMarker ink from your glossy accents with babywipes be careful you do not catch any other part of your card with the babywipe.. .. .. or you will get red smudges that cannot be removed.

Tip No. 5 .. .. if all else fails rip off the offending balloon .. .. cover the smudged area with a snippet .. .. print off and colour another balloon .. .. .. AND DO NOT ADD GLOSSY ACCENTS.


Oh I wish I had just left the orange looking balloon in place .. .. I am sure I could have made another card in the time I have spent faffing about!!  But I hate waste and couldn't bear to throw it away.

Anyway, that is me for today .. .. all out of tips for now!!!  Tee hee!!

Can I thank everyone for their lovely comments yesterday on my boxed wedding card.  I am so sorry that I haven't had time to return them yet.. ..  and I know I won't have chance until at least tomorrow evening  .. .. so big apologies all round.  What a rubbish blog buddy I am at the moment .. .. but I will get back on track eventually.

See you tomorrow with my snippet collection .. .. I have lined some bits up ready so hopefully I will be able to throw those together at some stage - I have a few ideas buzzing around my little brain .. .. thankfully!!.

Have a great evening everyone.



Anne said...

You really made me smile Jules, all your rules sound so familiar! Hugs x

Debs M said...

thanks for the tips xx

Lynne said...

Oh Jules, haven`t we all done this at some time. I think I`ll have to print out your tips and hang them on the wall lol. Your card is fab by the way, love that little monkey.
Lynne xxx

Kerry said...

Hi Jules,

Fun card and the image is so cool for a young birthday card!

Thanks for the tips, funny storey behind them but I bet it wasn't funny at the time when you was trying to rectify the balloon.

Love Kerry xxx

Debbie said...

Ah bless you.... I think we all do this Jules.A big learning curve, trouble is we never learn! We always have to fiddle.What a fun card.Cute image and fab balloon.Love it. Can I say your boxed wedding card posted yesterday looked so professional and simply stunning.You are very talented.Hope you're okay and that you're having a good weekend.Love Debbie x

Nikbee said...

Your tips made me laugh. It sounds just like something I would do!
A wonderful card and I love the image.
Nikki x

Viv said...

Oh Jules - you and me both today with Glossy accents - i made an anniversary card and the paper was polka dots - the accents have made the black/white navy blue /grey and the red/white maroon and pink! But hey ho it don't look too bad so will take pic tomorrow and blog it anyway! LOL
Love the layout of this card - will probably copy it - just can't help myself! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules, it's comforting to know that even you have slip ups now and then!! Such a fun creation tonight and the expression on the little chimps face is brilliant! Hope all went well today. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules, just been looking at all the fab cards you have made recently. This post did make me giggle, I have done exactly the same thing with glossy accents in the past! The annoying thing is that if you leave it to dry long enough the colour usually gets back to normal but only after you have made another of course!
Helen x

MagsB said...

Oh, lovey, how I sympathise! I have a love-hate relationship with Glossy Accents: a) I love them 'cos they're Glossy and b) I hate them because they change the Promarker colours.

I had to smile at this post, because it's all so awfully familiar!!

luv, Mags x

coldwaters2 said...

Lol, great tips Jules, looks like you have learnt these lessons well, lol. I love that image he is great so are the colours a super fun card.
Lorraine x

Kasey ~ in Oz said...

Hi Jules,

You always manage to put a smile on my face. I love the way you can laugh at yourself and the mistakes we ALL make in the craft room. Yes, confessing to doing the same. I just don't broadcast them too often!

In the end, your little Monkey and balloon turned out just fine. I will take note of your rules though. LOL.
Kasey ~ in Oz

Di said...

Oh Jules, you did make me laugh! It's like the 'get well' card I made last week - no way was I going to bin it but I almost needed hospitalising as well as the recipient once it was finished! You got a great result in the end so you did well to 'Percy Vere'! Love, Di xx

Beryl K said...

Fabulous card Jules, great top tips, must bear them in mind lol
Beryl x

Louise said...

Now I will try and remember all those tips but my tip with glossy accents is do not poke it with your finger to see if it is dry yet when you know it really has not had long enough.
Love how your card turned out though.
Hugs Louise xx

XxJULESxX said...

Hi Jules i do love that cute image on your gorgeous card! and thanks for the tips!!!

Sally said...

Hi Jules, a super fun card with or without the glossy accents. lol. You did make me smile with your list of tips, especially tip number 4! Hope you had a good day today.
Sally x

Sally H said...

It was a great save, Jules, even if it did take most of the day, lol! I will have to post my save from today. I managed to drop an ink loaded stamp onto a card that I had just spent about twenty mins stamping and shading with distress inks.

Jenny said...

Fab card Jules and thanks for the top tips...straight from first hand experience...oh dear, hindsight is a wonderful thing and you made an excelent job patching up your mishap :)
Jenny x

Anonymous said...

LOL OH Jules so great to hear you do these things too!

But you covered it up so well, I would NEVER have guessed honestly if you hadn't of said!!!!

Way to go girl! I LOVE this cheeky monkey and his balloon and the awesome happy birthday sentiment

Sarn said...

Sorry Jules, but I couldn't resist a little snigger because I've been there, done that (haven't we all?!). Some cards are just troublesome!

Great result in the end though!

Hugs, Sandra x

coops said...

fantastic fun card the cheeky monkey and fab bold to glossy accents, i`m normally really impatient and end up get a nice fingerprint in mine cos i was "just checking" to see if its dry :D

xx coops xx

Irene said...

Hi Jules

A fabulous card despite the trials and tribulations LoL. Thank you somuch for the tips and the giggle.


Nannieflash said...

Oh Dear Jules, its a stunning card and I always dip my finger in the glossy accents to see if its dry and you guessed it, it never is so you have to put more on. hugs Shirleyx

Pop's Cards said...

HI sweetie this is stunning i LOVE these colours, hugs pops x xx

Doreen said...

A gorgeous card Jules,and thanks for the

Grenouille Greetings said...

Great card. Perfect second balloon! I so know what you mean. I can't count the number of times I have come back to touch up a card that I glazed only to ruin it! Hugs, Lesley

Anonymous said...

Lol, yes I love glossy accents too but you really have to walk away sometimes! It all came together in the end though!


~Tammy~ said...

Thanks for the smile! You made my night! Your card is fantastic and you salvaged it, so all is GOOD! Just darling!

Unknown said...

What a sweet card Jules, I love the colours and that cute monkey is a darling :) ha ha I'm always coming back to my cards and doing something again, in fact I leave them there on purpose to see if when I come back I still like !!!

Andria said...

lol that made me chuckle, been there also turned my red promarker bright orange!! :) great result though x