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Friday, 23 December 2011


Hi Everyone

Well tomorrow is going to be my very favouritist (is that a real word?) day of Christmas.  Woo hoo!!!

It is the day the kitchen just "has" to smell of home baking and everywhere looks (reasonably) nice and clean.  Though why we bother with all the cleaning is beyond me because once the presents are opened there will be paper and labels and bits of ribbon and sellotape everywhere .. .. but of course that is all part of it.
Our Christmas Day will be a lovely quiet and relaxed one where I will try hard to flop on the settee and do nothing .. .. a little bit like the calm before the storm as Boxing Day is the day when everyone decends on us .. .. ..  there will be thirteen of us in total.  Definitely no relaxing this day!!!

Baby boy will already be here having slept over since Christmas Eve and big Baby Boy and his wife will be arriving Boxing Day after spending Christmas Eve and Boxing Day with my DIL's family.  I love the days when we are all together.

The remainder of the visitors will be made up of my Mum and my lovely sister and her family.

There is no make to share today as the day has disappeared on cleaning, buying in the fresh goodies for the next few days and trying to put away all the wedding stationery supplies so that people can actually sleep in the spare bedroom. 

Boy was the supermarket busy .. .. and those poor assistants just couldn't get more supplies on the shelves quickly enough. Have I missed something? Are stores now closing until the 3rd January or something? You would have thought so looking at people's shopping trolleys.

I love looking in other people's shopping trolleys.  You have the people that clearly need to have one of everything going and others that have been shopping sensibly.  Some where everything is super posh and others where you can tell they would feel they had won a major prize if the posh trolley belonged to them.

But the one I will remember belonged to an old man, shopping on his own with hardly anything in his trolley.  At the time I saw him he had a couple of bananas, a ready made cottage pie, a packet of shelled walnuts and a tin of tomatoes.  I hope that wasn't his Christmas dinner :-(

Anyway, I have remember that I promised to show you my Christmas tree .. .. taking a picture has been a struggle but you get the basic idea.  This is the view I am going to have for a couple of days whilst I chill on my settee.

Not a brilliant photograph but it is the best I can do .. .. and yes, there are hearts on the tree .. .. in fact loads and loads of them.  I even managed to find heart sprinkles for putting on top of the black cherry trifle today (I was so chuffed I found them and went rushing to find hubby to show him what I had found.  I always was a cheap date  LOL !!)

As you can see my tree lights have stayed in working order
after the initial problems !!!  Woo hoo!!

There are quite a few lights on my tree.  Some big and some small but it doesn't matter how many I put on the tree I still sit and make my eyes cross so that I see double the number and think "that is how many there should be" LOL!!

I will be back tomorrow with a special snippet Christmas card and the snippet register .. .. I cannot believe people managed to find time to take part in the run up to Christmas.  What eagre beavers you all are!!  Thank you for keeping me company.

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve!!!

I'll catch you tomorrow.



MagsB said...

What a beautiful tree! Lovely lights - there can never be too many!

My copy of 'Quick Cards' arrived today - I was so excited to see you featured! Congratulations!!!

Have a wonderful, creative day tomorrow, and a fab time with the family on Boxing Day!

much love, Mags B x

Milliesmarvels said...

Have a lovely Christmas Jules, got my mag today and was so chuffed to see you in it! You are a superstar! Tree looks fab!

G Peplow said...

Hi Jules just dropping in to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year, enjoy the holiday, Gay xxx

Vicky said...

Your tree is so gorgeous all the sparkly lights and looks fabulous near your mantel piece...

Well I got my copy of Quick Cards today....and Oh my I saw a gorgeous piccie of yourself and your lovely blog too..! Big congrats on being showcased hunni...and it was a fabby read too :o)

And lastly... have a wonderful day tomorrow...sadly I'm at work in the morning...So Steve has a wee list of things to do....Ooh do I trust!

Anyway...enough chat from me...have a lovely evening...big hugs Vicky xx

Cynthia said...

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, Jules! I love your tree. It's just beautiful.

Anj said...

oh my word - thats a stunning tree!! Have a lovely Christmas x x

Catherine said...

Looks like an amazing tree!!! Merry Christmas...

Franjopani said...

Love your Tree Jules, Just a little thank you for your blog - I visit most days to see what you have been up to, Have a wonderful Christmas x joy

pinky said...

Your tree looks stunning Jules. I hope you have a lovely relaxed Christmas. Boxing day will be the same in my house. 6 for Christmas dinner and 10 for boxing day dinner so lots of cooking to be done lol. Big hugs

Sally said...

Oh Jules, such a beautiful tree, I wish I had room for a floor standing tree in my living room. Have an absolutely fab day tomorrow but don't over do it, get all those extra hands to help out. lol.
Sally x


Sounds like you are well and truly in the festive spirit Jules, with everything ready and sorted for the family party.
Love the picture of the tree and the roaring fire, with all those twinkling lights - fabulous!
Have a very happy Christmas - hope to "see" you next year!
Hugs, Sylvia x

Sarn said...

Morning Jules and a Happy Christmas Eve to you!

Hope you have a fab Christmas with your family.

Wishing you all the best for 2012.

Hugs, Sandra x

Irene said...

Fabulous picture Jules. Have a wonderful time with your Family.


Marjorie said...

Beautiful Christmas tree and fireplace, just the place to put your feet up with a nice glass of wine....Happy Christmas Eve hun...and have a really great Chritmas Day with all your family xx
Big hugs,

coops said...

wow your tree is fabulous jules.really traditional :D

xx coops xx

Anonymous said...

we always called the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Adam because Adam was before Eve haha. ahem! lol

OH Your place looks so inviting, I could totally just sit in front of that fire toasting marshmallows and watching the lights twinkling! Very beautiful! xoxox