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Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hi Everyone

It is a true fact .. .. I am rubbish!!!

Rubbish at taking photographs!!!  (Need your help Sally big time  LOL!!!)

The wedding photographers who were at the bridal fayre today have nothing to fear from my photography skills that's for sure.  I am fine at taking close up pictures of my creations but just have no idea how to adjust the settings on the camera for taking "normal" pictures.

Hence the rubbish one I am going to show you here .. .. ..

You can see a bit more of the post box (which attracted quite a lot of interest), the bird cage and my new black and cream table plan .. .. ..  then I'm afraid it is just a blurred collection of stationery :-(

Not a very good photograph at all really is it LOL!!!  

But I have spent a brilliant day with my lovely Sis and we have met lots of super friendly people.  Some strangers, some current customers who came along to see us and then potential new customers who were interested in our goodies.

Guess which of my creations got the most interest?

Yep .. .. .. the Rustic Collection I worked on yesterday .. .. with not a pearl or diamante gem in sight!!  People liked the "quirky nature of it".

Just off to soak my aching legs in a hot bubble bath with a G&T now whilst hubby fetches a Chinese Takeaway and then we are going to have an evening of relaxation.

What's the betting I fall asleep as soon as I have eaten?!?!?!  LOL!!

 I hope everyone has had a lovely day.



scrappymo! said...

Well, we all have our things we do fabulously and a couple of things we are not so good at...I am rubbish at all pictures..SH takes the snapshots in our family.

I am even rubbish at the ones of my cars but i post them anyways.

Sarah said...

I think your photo is great Jules. Pleased to hear you had a good reaction to your wares. I'm having a Chinese and a bottle of wine tonight aswell.


Sarah x

Unknown said...

Fabulous array of your crafty talent Jules, what is the purpose of the post box please?

Kasey ~ in Oz said...

It's a lovely display table Jules. I'm glad the event was successful for you, Hope your sister did well too.

Kasey ~ in Oz

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

Looking good Jules

jacqui x

Debbie said...

Awesome display dearie.Everything looks stunning.Don't put yourself down so.... The rustic collection is pretty special.Have a lovely relaxing evening.Hugs Debbie x

MagsB said...

I'm glad you've had a good time with your Sis at the fayre! I think your pic is fine, you have an amazing range of items for the happy couples to choose! I love the post box!

I hope you're enjoying your well-earned evening of relaxation and your G'n'T!!

love Mags B xx

Viv said...

I need my duvet too Jules... but your pic shows off the gorgeous post box - (which I simply adore)and am glad you had a lovelt day. x

Jenny said...

It looks like you had a wonderful display.. the post box is a great idea, our nephew and niece had one at their wedding last month and not surprised the rustic stationary was such a hit :0) Enjoy your long soak.
Jenny x

Sharon said...

They all look so gorgeous Jules. Hope it brings you lots of business. Hope you enjoyed your Chinese.
Hugs Sharon. x

Sue said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous time Jules. I'm not surprised you were busy as your designs are stunning.
Hugs Sue

Cynthia said...

I think your picture is just fine! You underestimate your skills!! =D And I'm so glad the Rustic Collection got all the interest--simply because it's gorgeous!

Roma said...

Wow your selection of wedding stationery looks amazing & i noticed your lovely post box & bird cage ,stunning work x

Beryl said...

I'm glad you had a good day even though you were frustrated about not being able yo take the sort of photo you would have liked. I have a dial on my very cheap camera you can turn to 'scene' which takes a wider view.
Does that help?
Beryl xx

Lynn said...

A fabulous display Jules - it sounds as if you had a really busy, but enjoyable day. Lynn x

Sarn said...

Glad the event went well and you had lots of interest.

Sarn xxx

lisa said...

It doesn't look rubbish to me, Jules. Your stand looks very elegant indeed. No wonder you got lots of callers.
I'm so pleased it was a successful day and hope you enjoyed your Chinese, it certainly sounds like you earned it.
hugs Lisax

Marjorie said...

Your table looks fab, you are one very talented lady:)..just looked at your rustic collection and I must say it is very elegant, and can understand why it was a favourite with everyone...Beautiful hunnie!!

Andria said...

WOW - I can see why your wedding stationery is in demand, it looks amazing, so professional and your passion for it shines through.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules, so glad you and your sis had a good day. I'm not surprised your rustic collection went down well; it's fabulous and so fashionable now. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Well I think it all looks stunning Jules, glad you had a good day!
Helen x

Bonnie said...

Wow! It looks like a wonderful display! I hope you got lots of orders!

Tedz said...

Your wedding stationery is beautiful and very professional, what a pity I didn't know about you when my son got married. I am glad you had a lovely day and hope you had/will get lots of orders. Pauline xx

Sally said...

The pic is perfectly fine & shows your wedding samples off a treat. I'm not that clever at takinf pics just lucky I guess.
Sally x

Grenouille Greetings said...

Please, please show more photos. They look fine to me and I love, love, love the content! You are a FABULOUS wedding stationery designer and I so want to examine these beauties more closely! Hugs, Lesley

Tara Cardwell said...

Well the photo looks just fine to me - we just need to see more shots next time! Glad its all working so well for you - coudln't happen for a nicer person :-D