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Thursday, 14 November 2013


Hi Everyone

Happy Thursday!

I hope you have had a good day.

No card to share tonight as it has been all wedding work and "happy couples" today .. .. but I do have a creation to share .. .. AND IT USES UP SOME OF THOSE PESKY SNIPPETS .. .. so for the first time ever I am going to visit Pixie's Snippet Playground twice in one week!!  

What I can't understand is why it has taken me so long to think of this little idea!!  I was searching through the embroidery thread "bit box" (AKA an old plastic ice cream tub) when I came across lots of strands of thread wound around little plastic holders .. .. mini versions of this.. .. ..

Just perfect for storing those lengths of ribbon that you want to keep nice and neat .. .. as well as space to write exactly what the make and colour etc is (not that that will be important to everyone but it will certainly save me some time).

Of course now I am going to have to make a proper template so that all of my little ribbon cards are the same shape and size and more symmetrical  (OTT or what?!?!?).

Or might I be able to persuade Sizzix to made a die "just like this" then I could cut some out of all those snippets of mountboard that I keep  LOL!!!

Enjoy the rest of your evening and I will catch you again tomorrow .. .. hopefully with a card!



Sharon said...

A brilliant idea Jules. That ribbon by the way is a gorgeous colour.
Hugs Sharon x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Jules great idea, my ribbon is all over the place, well done, hugs kate x

Doreen said...

Oh gosh Jules where have you been, I have been using a version of this for ages,I keep mine lined up in drawer compartments.....I do agree though we should get sizzix to make a

Carole said...

Great idea, most of my ribbon is just small pieces so my ribbon bag is a mess xx

Sue said...

Such a great idea to store ribbon Jules, I really do need to sort mine out as it takes me far too long to find what I want.
hugs Sue xx

Hazel said...

Fab idea Jules . Hazel xx

Bonnie said...

I had so much fun catching up on your wonderful creations, Jules! Hope you are well. And this is a fantastic idea! I'm with you all the same size and shape makes for happier storage!

Beryl said...

I do something similar with my bits of ribbon etc but I'm not so organised that I emember to put where I got in from in the first place. We live and learn.
Beryl xx

Di said...

Oh Jules, what a fabulous idea! And a great use of snippets of course. Two goes on the swings for you this week :)

Hugs, Di xx

Carole Z said...

Super idea Jules! Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

A brilliant idea Jules!
Helen x

Sheila in Cyprus said...

Hi Jules,
Well, I thought you were the perfectionist when it comes to crafting, but YIPPEE, it seems I beat you to using this system. As Doreen said 'where have you been all this time'. No honestly, my late MIL was a stickler for keeping sewing things and drawers tidy and she always tranferred her odd wool etc to card, just like this. Needless to say before I married my lovely OH, this was one of the things she showed me to do, along with darning socks!! (do you darm socks?), folding socks and the many many uses for old stockings. Bless her.

Yes it would be great to have a die made, are you listening Sizzix?

Take care.

Love Sheila x

P.S loving all your cards, as always they are simply perfect.

MaryH said...

Genius idea, Miss Jules. I have a ton of these little thing-ys up in the sewing room with embroidery ribbon wrapped around 'em. Now why didn't I think of this????Cause you're a genius & I'm not I guess!!!! Love that color of ribbon too. Just gorgeous. Hope you get Sizzix to listen. They are missing out if they don't hear you. TFS & Hugs

scrappymo! said...

This ribbon is a gorgeous colour!!!

You should design a template for the silhoette etc. and sell them!