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Wednesday, 22 August 2018


Hi Everyone

Happy Wednesday

I hope this post finds you well and enjoying your week.  If not then I am sorry .. .. but there is another one just around the corner which will hopefully be better for you!

So I will start first by extending my love and thanks to everyone who has been in touch to check that all is OK here .. .. .. due to my lack of activity in blogland.  My blog has never ever been so neglected and quiet .. .. I'm so sorry .. .. I am missing it lots but am struggling to fit everything I want to do into my waking hours!

But fear not .. .. all is good.  I have had quite a lot of medical appointments to attend with Mum over the last few weeks and we have been awaiting results .. .. and they have all come back good!!  Yay!!!  Well done Mum!!  

So now we can hopefully settle into our routine again.  We will still be having our wheelchair walks and I will still be going round to take her out shopping and basically help her where I can .. .. but that is fine and is no more than she deserves.  She is someone who never ask for anything from anyone .. .. .. which makes it even more of a pleasure to help her.

But the month has also seen two of my "happy couples" get married which has involved me doing the "last minute" venue stationery alongside some magazine commissions and general orders .. .. never a dull moment in my life!

As well as touching base and explaining my absence I am also here to try and help a lovely lady called Karen who contacted me over the weekend.

Karen is on the look out for a stamp set from Hero Arts which is now discontinued and she had found it used on my blog and wondered if I still owned it and would be interested in selling it.

I do still own it, but sadly for Karen still use it and would like to keep it in my collection .. .. .. but is there anyone out there that has the set and would be willing to part with it?

If so please let me know and I will pass your details onto Karen.  She is sitting with her fingers crossed in the hope that someone can help.

This is the stamp set in use on my blog "years ago":

and this is what the full set looks like in its packaging

So that is my "good deed for the day" .. .. off to do a bit more prep work for a wedding fayre I have coming up and then off to meet up with Mum.

Have a good day everyone.


Dotty Jo said...

Lovely to 'hear' from you, Jules, and I'm glad things are going well for your mom. That really is a beautiful stamp set. All I can suggest is lots of visits to eBay. I've tracked down sets this way myself, but it does require patience and persistence! Take care, Jo x

Aquarius said...

Pleased to hear that hospital results are positive and good to see you in blogland as and when you can manage but I know other things do get in the way sometimes and mostly must take priority. I hope someone can help with that stamp set - sorry it isn't in my collection (not sure why though!).

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Hi Jules. lovely to see you back again. Glad to hear that everything seems to be going great with you Mum. I've just had a round of hospital visits with my Mum too (she's also fine) but appreciate how time consuming it can be. A lovely stamps set, I can see why Karen what it but unfortunately I can't help.

Sue xx

Enny said...

Dear Jules, wow, you are so busy, but all for a good cause ! I'm so glad, your mother is alright, must be a relief for you ! I was on holiday, so couldn't write to you. Unfortunately, I don't have that stamp-set, but I do hope, that someone has for Karen. All the best, Enny

Carol S. said...

Sorry Jules, don't know this one. Hugs, Carol S.xx

AlisonC said...

Hi. Good to know you are ok and busy in good ways. I don't get much time for blog hopping so hadnt noticed your absence! Slap on wrist. I don't have that stamp set but now I want it! X

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Jules, glad you are well, and your Mum's well too.
It's always a balancing act with everything you have to do in life, try and pace yourself.
Lovely card, Kate x x

pinky said...

Good news to hear Jules, I am sure you are all relieved. Sounds like life is as busy for you as me. I will get back to you via email which I sadly overlooked!! Hangs head in shame. No help on the stamp front I'm afraid!

Brenda said...

Good news on your Mum Jules and I am so happy for that news!!! Sounds like all is going well, a bit busy, but busy is a good thing. I wish I had this stamp set as I would glad donate it to Karen, but sadly I do not. I hope someone else does though! Big hugs, Brenda

Anne said...

Nice to see you back Jules, I'm pleased to hear that all is well with your Mum. I do have quite a few Hero Art stamps but they are mostly older rubber designs on wood, sorry I don't have that one.
Anne x

Liz said...

Just checking your blog to see if there are any recent post. Hope everything is okay. xx