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Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Hi Everyone

Happy Wednesday . . . . . whatever you might be doing!  If the predictions were correct I would take a guess that it is raining!!

I am here with a scheduled post today to share a couple of cards I made for a Masterclass Commission for Papercraft Inspirations.

The commission was to compare the original distress inks with the newer distress oxides and alongside all of the writing these are the cards I had fun creating.

The first one made with the original distress inks and the second using the distrress oxides.

The magazine is on the shelves already and alongside it is a free kit for making rosettes.  I am quite looking forward to having a play with that little kit.  

My normal scoreboard doesn't have score lines at regular intervals unfortunately which makes using it for rosettes really awkward .. .. so this one should be much more user friendly.  I will let you know!

As you read this I will no-doubt be tying wedding ribbons and printing for England!  

Things are hotting up on the wedding front with invitations to do for those August/September weddings .. .. save the dates for the spring weddings next year .. .. and thank you cards for weddings that have already happened this year!  

Need to get on with all of those, and not look at the new toys I want to play with that are sitting on my craft desk  LOL!!!

Catch you again soon.


Aquarius said...

You are right it is raining - scuppered my plans for today so I've been 'playing'. These are great cards and show well the different effects obtained by the Distress inks. It is good that they come in the same colours because they can of course be combined as well which I imagine you discovered. (I've not seen the mag).

Mrs A. said...

I have yet to use the oxide pads I have bought but I do like the look of the softer shadings on your second card. Hugs Mrs A.

Enny said...

Wow, you are busy ! Again beautiful cards, I have to get the magazine next week from my shop in town. And yes, it's raining all day, should get better next week... All the best and enjoy your wedding creations ! Enny

cuilliesocks said...

Two stunning cards Jules, gorgeous colours and images.
Yes it's raining and cold here, a day for staying indoors and crafting, Kate x

Sarah said...

Yep, predictions were right down in this part of the country. Mananged to dodge the showers and got out on the horse at 6.45 this morning!! These lovely cards show the difference perfectly between DI and DO inks. Pleased to hear you are keeping busy!! xx

Kathleen said...

Two really lovely cards, great designs and images.
I personally wish I had not bought the oxides, they are so much duller than the distressed.

Kath x

Carol S. said...

I have only used my Oxides a couple of times and they are very different to the original Distress Inks. Love both beautiful cards. Glad you are busy with your wedding orders. It has finally stopped raining here I Suffolk!! Big hugs, Carol S.xx

cotnob said...

Two beautiful cards Jules, I love both of the fabulous backgrounds you have created - I see you made the front cover as well, it looks like a super magazine.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Two beautiful cards Jules, I love the way these inks have two different looks even though you use the same colours.

Sue xx

Brenda said...

Rain here in my neck of the US as well Jules. Both cards are beautiful Jules and I love both backgrounds. I love both the regular DI as well as the ODI inks. Both have their spots in the craft room. Sounds like the wedding front is busy as usual! Hugs, Brenda