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Friday, 28 February 2020


Hi Everyone

I hope you had a happy Friday!

I thought I would take a few extra photographs today to show you how I use my Misti Stamping Platform with my wood mounted stamps.

My Misti has become one of the most valuable and well used items in my crafty stash and for ages I have wished that I could use my wood mounted stamps in it .. .. .. not just the thin cling type ones.

So with some trial and error this is the best way I have come up with to use them .. .. and I am always happy with the results.  Especially useful when I have created my own sentiment and printed them directly to the image panel.(which I frequently do).

I know I can just simply stamp next to the sentiment .. .. but sometimes stamps are not actually mounted squarely on their wooden block .. .. and sometimes there are parts that don't stamp as well as I would like .. using my Misti I can re-stamp in exactly the same position by doing the following:

I start by putting two acrylic blocks in the bottom left hand corner of the Misti
and position my sentiment panel and a piece of acetate under the blocks
holding both in place with separate pieces of washi tape.

I position my stamp hard up against the stamping blocks
to see if I think the image will fit into the white space I 
have available.  If not I move my card.

Next I stamp onto the acetate, making sure the side and bottom
 of my stamp is tight against the acrylic blocks. 
I remove the blocks to check where the image is positioned .. .. if I am not
happy I wipe the acetate clean, move the card, replace the acetate  and stamp to check again

Once happy I remove the acetate, replace the blocks
and stamp direct onto the card.  If there are areas that
haven't stamped very well it is possible to stamp again .. .. .. provided you
haven't moved the image card.

Apologies for the messy looking acrylic blocks .. .. they got marked after I attached some non-cling sentiments to them and they just didn't want to come clean afterwards.   As a last resort I put them in the dishwasher and they ended up worse than ever!!!  But never mind .. .. they are still super useful in my Misti.

.. .. .. and this is what I did with the sentiment and image shown above

This used:

Image:  Penny Black "2521K" Snowy
Sentiment:  Computer generated using fonts "Aracne Condensed Regular" and "Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly"
Backing Papers:  A magazine cover gift .. .. ages and ages ago!!
My Trusty Sewing Machine
Glamour Dust

and this is my second Christmas card for today produced in the same way:

and this used:

Image:  Penny Black "4092K" A Thorny Affair
Sentiment:  Computer generated using fonts "Aracne Condensed Regular" and "Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly"
Backing Papers:  First Edition "Vintage Noel"
Glossy Accents

Just two more Christmas cards to make before the month ends .. .. otherwise my five Christmas cards per month won't be met .. .. so I will see you tomorrow with those.

Sorry for the photo overload but hopefully you might find it interesting.

Weatherwise it has been a mixture of rain and snow here today so a nice day to stay snuggled in and catch up with some more crafty missions.  Our birds must feel super posh at the moment because their bird bath has looked like an "infinity pool" for days now!  LOL!!


Jane Willis said...

Thanks for that tip. I use an old-fashioned stamp positioner with my wood mounted stamps but because the base card can move slightly it isn't accurate enough to do a repeat stamping if part of the image hasn't stamped cleanly - I'll try doing it this way in future.

meg said...

Two beauties Jules Penny Black have some great stamps for Christmas thanks for the fabulous tip on how to use wooden stamps with a platform

Crafting Queen said...

Two adorable card and a great tip.

Stamps and Paper said...

Two lovely Christmas cards Jules love the colours of both of them.. thank you for showing us how to use our stamping platforms with wooden stamps I’ll certainly give it a go.
Have a good weekend


Aquarius said...

Two super cards for your collection and thanks so much for sharing this idea, something which I must try.

Enny said...

Dear Jules, thank you so much for this great idea with wooden stamps ! I also have a misty, now I can use my wooden stamps more efficient ! Your 2 cards are beautiful ! And yes, some of my acrylic blocks look the same as yours. We also have changing weather, 2 days ago a lot of snow, now rain and wind.. it's a crazy winter ! Love, Enny

Lynne said...

Both wonderful cards Jules and I love some of the fonts you use. Great tutorial too, thank you. Have a good weekend x

KandA said...

Two adorable cards Jules and those PB stamps are so cute. I ended up de-wooding my wood stamps and putting them on cling mounting foam... it took a lot of faffing about and your way with the Misti makes so much more sense, so thanks for the info xx

Carole said...

Two lovely cards Jules...make another two the same and you will have your five. These are such lovely images...I have that snowman..from years back! (cough). Love the fonts an it all! Sunshine here right now.....must get the deck chairs out this could be!xx

cotnob said...

Two super cards Jules, cute images.
Thank you for the info, I would never have thought how to do that and thanks for sharing the info about putting acrylic blocks in the dishwasher, I'll make sure I don't do that - some of mine are in rather a mess and it had crossed my mind to put them in the dishwasher, I just hadn't gotten around to it!
It started wet here but the sun is shining at the moment, must make the most of it and take the dog out for a walk.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

cuilliesocks said...

What a brilliant idea Jules, thanks for sharing it. Both your cards are beautiful, two wonderful images and beautifully designed and coloured. I keep meaning to buy Snowy, perhaps this will be the year Kate x x

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Two fabulous cards Jules and a great tutorial on how to use the misti and wooden stamps too.

Sue xx

Brenda said...

Well know, aren't you the clever gal Jules! I love that you figured out how to use a wood mounted stamp in the Misti and that it works so well for you! I love this snowman, I just think he is the dearest. He sure did make a cute card! I love your second card too, I so love the Penny Black hedgie images and this one is a cutie pie too. Loving that striped paper you used on him, you always have the best papers! Looking forward to your next two cards, I know you will meet your goal! We had snow flurries but have sun today. Nice to see the sun. Glad the birds are using the bird bath. lol Hugs, Brenda

Kath said...

Fabulous cards Jules - I love the sweet images.

Thank you too for the photos on how to use wooden stamps with a MISTI - I'm definitely going to give this a go!

Kath x

Kathleen said...

Great tutorial and two really lovely card with great images and lovely designs, they look very classy too.
Well, I have also discovered how to use wood mounted stamps on my stamping platform, you are going like this, not at al lot! I have removed the stamps from the wood.

Kath x

Elizabeth said...

Brilliant idea, Jules! One I will be trying with my stamping plate next time I use a wood-mounted stamp because your finished cards are perfect. Elizabeth xx