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Saturday, 16 June 2012


Hi Everyone

Happy Saturday!!

Hope you have all had a good day .. .. no doubt all still cheering over the football result last night!!  LOL!!!

What have I got to share with you tonight


No time to make anything to share  .. . .. all wedding work and happy excited couples today and then I am off out in a bit .. .. so sorry!  Nothing to declare!!

I was hoping to have a "you tube" link for you to our local three day music festival which started yesterday called Burtfest .. .. my youngest son and the band he is in "Star From Ivy" were headlining on one of the stages last night.

I was doing a search to try and find a link but all I could find at this stage is this picture my son had taken of himself .. .. as you can see wellies were needed.  Hopefully he won't mind me having stolen this photograph to post here !!!

I love his photographs .. .. he see things to take pictures of that just pass me by.

As you can see his wellies are super clean and sparkly .. .. that is because the were brand new!!

The festival is a three day event and I really hope the weather improves for them.

But for me it is bath time and get your glad rags on!!

See you tomorrow .. .. hopefully with something I have made!


and Steve's wellies


Sally said...

Great pic Jules, it apeals to my quirky sense of humour. Have a fab night out, you deserve it.
Sally x

Bernie said...

Fabulous photo but good heaven's Jules, is anyone building an ark over there? The sun has been shining all week here, sadly the hills are drying out with the winds and there is now a fire danger. Never happy are we.

Bernie said...

Oops forgot to say I'm happy to hear you are taking a bit of time off for some fun. Hope you have a great evening.

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...sort of Son too is in a band and they just got back from 3 mudfilled days at The Download Festival up near Nottingham somewhere, your son may know this festival & maybe the band too 'The James Cleaver Quintet' but they are better known as The JCQ...they got signed last year after 3 years hard slog & did the last Lucazade Add...its all such hard work...Mel :)

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Jules, what a fab photo. Bet the wellies are dirty now after the event.

Donna x

Cynthia said...

Awesome photo of the wellies! And I hope you find some sunshine soon! ;-)

Beryl said...

I could have done with those wellies in the kitchen this morning. Ugh! Water everywhere until I discovered a pipe to the cistern leaking (I think the washer has gone) and it was pouring through the floor to downstairs. What fun. Plumber coming Monday - till then ballcock tied up with string to stop it filling. Perhaps I'd be better off at the festival.
Hope you had a nice relaxing bath.
Beryl xx

Vic McGuckin said...

Hi Jules,

Great photo. Sorry not been around for a while but have had a catch up on your cards. As always lovely.

Have a great weekend Vic x x

Annmaree of Oz said...

lol your post made me smile Jules, love the pic! Hope the weather improves for you all too!

Carole Campanile said...

Well you may think you had didley squat but I've just spent a good amount of time looking at all the cards I've missed while I was away. Its easiest to post my comment here ..... All are gorgeous, cute, beautiful, fabulous, marvelous and wonderful. :D

Sending hugs and hoping you are well.


Anonymous said...

Lovely didley squat Jules :)

Great wellie photo too, l LOVE wellies!

Have a great Sunday xx

May said...

Love the wellies and your post... came across your beautiful blog as hopping around.. Brillant makes joined as a follower to visit again soon.. Hugs May x x x

Nannieflash said...

Oh dear Jules I reakon all of us could show photos of wellie boots, not sure about the coloured puddle though. hugs Shirleyxx

rosie said...

fab photo. my daughter is doing photography at uni and the things she takes photos of is just unbelievable too!