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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Hi Everyone

Good news!!!

The bubble wrap arrived this morning "and" it was able to fit through the front door .. .. just!!  Yay!!!

It arrived at a very early 7.45am and I could tell that even the delivery man thought so much bubble wrap was amusing.  He just couldn't help but smile and have a little laugh as he stood it in the doorway whilst I signed on the electronic machine.

I said "thank goodness it fits through my front door".  (Perhaps he was hoping it wouldn't so that he could burst a few metres of the bubbles LOL!!).

It will also fit up the stairs .. .. but not through the trap door into the roof space which is where my bubble wrap normally lives.  There might be a bit of "decanting onto the old cardboard tube" happening tonight.

I am sure my lovely hubby will enjoy doing  that .. .. .. "not" !!  .. .. ..  and every time he bursts a bubble I will say "don't waste them" LOL!!

Still super busy here with wedding work so nothing more than fresh air trapped in plastic to share with you today.

Not sure when the general cardmaking will re-start .. .. ..  lots of brides to keep happy first!!

Hope you are all having a good week .. .. I am missing seeing what you are all up too :-(



Bernie said...

WOW That's a lot a bubbles Jules but I am sure you'll put them to good use. Not to worry about stopping by I, of all, people understand.

Vicky said...

Oooooh can I pop just one....pleeeeze!!!!!

hugs Vicky xxx

rosie said...

don't show my hubby this!! he will ask me to order some just so he can pop it all.
must be a hubby thing!!

Sue said...

LOL Jules! You did make me chuckle when you said that maybe the delivery driver was hoping it wouldn't fit through the door so he could burst a few bubbles!!
All the best

Anne said...

Mmmmm Jules, I could have great fun bursting all the bubbles! Hope your wedding work is progressing well. Oh by the way, love your front door! Hugs x

susiestacey said...

Hi Jules, l prefer my bubbles in glasses :) x Susan x

Janette said...

You could have such good fun popping all those little bubbles, good luck with your wedding orders. Janette xx

Anonymous said...

Hmm interesting, what do you use that amount of bubble wrap for Jules? Good job it's not in our house, Cal loves popping that stuff, there'd be a lot of wasted air lol

Let's hope the rumour of better weather is true for all of your brides, getting married in the rain must be very disappointing.

Take care Jules, know that we miss you visiting as much as you miss calling in :) xxxx

Beryl said...

Oh go on. Let him pop a few.
Beryl xx

Irene said...

Oh my goodnes Jules, such a little parcel !!!!

Nannieflash said...

Oh my Jules you are going to be one busy lady, and what a load of bubble wrap, my hubby would be in his heaven with that lot.
Only 4 weeks now to grandsons wedding, he eventually made his own Invite cards and did a good job to. hugs Shirleyxxx

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

LOL there be lots of bubbles for hubby to pop there! Our Katie would have a field day she loves popping them! Glad you didn't have to take ya front door off its hinges lol!
Hugs Shell xx

Andria said...

I remember when I was Nursery Nusing, the children loved it when we laid bubble wrap out on the floor for them to run over, especially the babies when they could crawl over it, not knowing where the popping sound was coming from lol.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jules, that's an awful lot of stress-busting bubbles to pop :) And when you aren't wrapping things with it you can dip it in paint/ink and make interesting backgrounds for your cards :)) Seems like your brides might just get some good weather now ... the forecast is good and that nasty air stream is going up to where it belongs - reasons to celebrate, yeah! Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's bubbler than an aero bar, LOL!
Helen x

lisa said...

You get such interesting parcels delivered, Jules. I bet the delivery man wondered what you were going to do with it all. I have a huge roll like this for wrapping my greenhouse up in the Winter but it's always a pain to store all Summer. I may be round to borrow some loft space.
Good Luck with all your wedding stuff.
Hugs Lisax

Anonymous said...

lol, gonna wrap yourself up in bubble wrap Jules ;-)

You're too funny!

M said...

LOL - so funny!! M x

Di said...

Snigger - maybe he thought you were gonna build a greenhouse?

Love, Di xx

Sue B said...

Wow! it's huge!! only just fitted by the looks of it !! Postmen must have a right laugh.... I ordered some jingle bells and didn't look at the size!!!! when they came they were huge (big enough for a real sleigh) !!!!! the postman came jingling down the path with a big box!! he had a stupid big grin on his face!! LOL
Hope you are well
Big Hugs
Sue xx

Marjorie said...

This is just Fab!! I needed a giggle this morning!!
Have a lovely week-end hun..

XxJULESxX said...

wow all them bubbles!!!! lol!