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Sunday, 6 September 2009


Good morning everyone

Well here I am with our pancake results.

We had a lovely time - which finally finished at around 1.00am!!!

After the pancake eating we moved on to playing Little Big Planet with 4 players on the Playstation 3!!! We were all well and truly "stuffed" and had a great evening.

We ran out of mixture 3 times and it was a big debate as to whether we should mix up a 4th lot!!! LOL!

The trophy gets to travel back to London today as my DIL "Cat" was the winner of the day!! I had a feeling that it would be making its way to London with one or other of them somehow.

How many pancakes did the winner manage to eat? A whole 19!! - but there were some close runners-up (but I wasn't one of them - I only managed 8).

So enough waffle .. .. how many did we make in total.

Well here is our score sheet (we started these in the year 2000 and wish we had started them earlier - but better late than never)

So in total we made:


So who amongst you guessed the closest?

Lisa - who guessed 135

If you email me your address Lisa I will post off to you the following little goodies. I hope you like them as much as we liked our pancakes.

I must admit we did think that we would make more than we did but there was one shock result. The trophy winner last time was Jaymie - last night he managed to eat a grand total of 5. Last year he ate 25!! What is going on here? Is the lad growing up or what!!!! He won't be allowed to marry into our family if he is going to be sensible.

Thanks for playing along in out little game. It added a bit of extra fun to our day seeing how many people thought we would eat.

Lots of people were determined to beat their own "personal best" - even if they couldn't win. So a few records were broken in this department.
I just wish I could share our computer statistics and graphs with you. We can check on personal bests, how many have been made each year, what percentage of the whole of the pancakes have been eaten by any one individual .. .. .. oh it is so sad .. .. .. but so much fun.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

If all goes to plan I will be back with my Penny Black challenge card later.

Love Jules xx


brenda said...

Good grief Jules, how does Cat feel this morning, I cant begin to think how stuffed she felt after 19 pancakes.It looks like ti was a close run though.

And well done Lisa, nice candy coming your way.

B x

Jacee said...

Congratulations Lisa, fabulous prize, enjoy!

craftimamma said...

Wow, that's a lot of pancakes! Makes me feel a bit queezy just thinking about them.

Congratulations to Kat for winning the trophy and to Lisa for winning the goodies.

Lesley Xx

Sally H said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Congrat's to Lisa for guessing so accurately.

Tammi said...

WOW! I'm lucky if I can eat 2! :) Sounds like a lot of fun! :) Congrats to the winners!