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A very warm welcome to my teeny, tiny part of the huge world of blogging. This is where I am hoping to share my passion for making hand made greeting cards. So - why "Always with a Heart"? Well this is for two reasons. Firstly, it is because every card I produce always carries a heart on it somewhere. This can be big and bold or small and almost hidden - the fun sometimes is just trying to find it! Secondly it is because I put my heart into everything I produce. I hope that any visitors enjoy seeing what I post. If you drop by then please leave me a comment so that I know you called. It would be nice to know that you have found my heart in what I do.


Friday, 1 January 2016

HAPPY 2016

Hi Everyone

Happy Friday and Happy New Year!!

I hope that the new year is going to be kind to everyone and that Christmas has been special.

Mr Heart and I have spent Christmas in London with the London Kids and our youngest Son.  A really super special week .. .. apart from one thing!!

I managed to drop a really big clanger - but thankfully one which didn't have any serious consequences - and one which didn't cause any real harm .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..  .. but this is the photo evidence of my senior moment.

and to reach this conclusion all you need to do is put an electric kettle onto a gas hob and fire it up!! What an idiot!!

I managed to reach the point of flames coming from the base before I noticed .. .. and the smell was awful!! 

Drinks (of the non-merry kind) ended up being prepared using a saucepan until we could escape to the shops and buy a new one in the post Christmas sales!

Anyway, we have now returned home today and my itchy fingers are really looking forward to getting my crafty goodies out .. .. but of course the washing machine needs to go on overdrive first!!

Enjoy the new year .. .. and the calendar/diary that has all those blank spaces just ready for us to fill .. .. and of course the torturous and never ending new years resolutions list. I love the start of a new year and dreaming of what it might hold.

Have a good one everyone and be careful what you are doing with your kettles!!



Karen Knott said...

Happy New Year Jules ! I finally managed to fulfil my new yrs resolution from 2 yrs ago and start my blog, please do stop by if you get time.
Your blog is one of the 1st I ever found when I started cardmaking and is still as much of an inspiration now as it was then xx

Crafting Queen said...

Happy New Year. Oops. Have a good day.

Stamps and Paper said...

Ooppps but it could have been worse Jules...Happy new Year to you


cotnob said...

Happy New Year to you Jules, I hope it's a good one.
That was a lucky escape, thank goodness you caught it in time.
Sorry I haven't been around for a while - hubby whisked me away for a surprise break!

Sarah said...

Oops!! Happy New Year!! xx

Lynn said...

Happy new year to you and Mr. Heart. You really saw that kettle off didn't you?! My New Year resolution Jules is to actually use those stamps (quite a few) which have never seen ink - eek! Have a good weekend Lynn x

Lorraine said...

Oh dear Jules....that's the sort of thing I would do...I once put a plastic carton of milk in the oven...!!!
Wishing you a very Happy healthy and crafty new year
Lorraine x

Kathleen said...

I have had the sam got one of those super steam irons and for some reason took the plate of and placed the red hot iron on the plastic base - doh
Happy New Year.

Kath x

April Diva said...

Ooops! It did make me chuckle though. And at least you noticed in time.

Happy New Year to you and Mr Heart!


Pauline xx