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Thursday, 29 July 2010


Hi Everyone

I am here posting a creation I have made by way of an apology for my next door neighbours.

The little girl who lives next door to me was one last week .. .. .. and I didn't realise until her big Sister and Mum knocked on my door and handed hubby and I two pieces of the most gorgeous chocolate birthday cake!!

Guilt or what?

When Jaya was born Mum didn't come straight home - they went to stay with Jaya's Grandparents for a while. So we never actually knew when she was born. (But I do now and it is in the birthday book).

So by way of an apology I have made a little word book that I am hoping Jaya's Mum and Dad will fill with photographs of her on her birthday. I am sure there will have been lots of pictures taken .. .. she is the most smiley and happy little girl you can imagine.

With her having such an unusual name I thought that the little gift might mean a little more as they are unlikely to be able to find much that carries her name.

Anyway.. .. enough of the unburdening of guilt.. .. I am a bad neighbour and that is all there is to it!!! Here is my make:

This used:

Funky Hand CD "Colour Me Happy".
Eylets and ribbon from the stash box

I do love making these little books and they always feel special when they are finished.

Part of my day has been spent buying ribbon, buttons and embellishments today .. .. I am going to be designing some new wedding stationery samples for my portfolio and I can't wait to get playing (but sadly it isn't allowed for a few more days yet - lots of crafting needs to be finished before playtime!!).

Thanks for calling by for a look at what I have been doing - have a lovely evening.

Love Jules xx


shellshearer said...

Oh hun I'm pants whenit comes to birthday day, I still after nearly 12 years have to ask Nige if our wedding anniversary is on the 4th or the 6th of september because I can never remember lol
Your word book is gorgeous hun, I love the colours you have used they go so well & are sooooooo girlie...I bet they love it!!
Now please stop feeling guilty lol
hugs shell xx

Loopylou!! said...

oooh thats pretty jules, so bright and cheery, they will love it xxxxx

Little K Smith said...

Aaaww this is so gorgeous Jules! Such a wonderful thought and keepsake for her. I'm sure you'll be forgiven!

Doreen said...

What a fabulous word book,Im sure it will be filled with lots of

craftimamma said...

Jules, you couldn't be a bad neighbour if you tried. You're far too nice,Lol!

You're right about that little book though. I am sure it will be treasured and filled with lovely photos for Jaya to look at when she's older. It more than makes up for something not your fault in the first place.

Anyway, it shows they think you're nice or they wouldn't have brought you any cake.

Lesley Xx

Netty said...

They will love it Jules you having nothing to worry about. Annette x

chris said...

Hi Jules, well I would love to have you as my neighbour, I know that you would be wonderful, I would be able to smell when you are baking your delicious scones!!

love the wordbook its a fab idea.
hope you are ok love chris xx

Maureen said...

Love the word book Jules...and I'm sure it was well received by your neighbours little girl.

Lynn said...

Lovely wordbook and I'm sure they'll love that you have personalised it for their little girl.

Lynn x

Grenouille Greetings said...

This is lovely, Jules. I'm sure your neighbours will forgive you for missing Jaya's first birthday the second they see the book! Hugs, Lesley

Anonymous said...

awww thats so nice and sweet!!!!

gorgeous album!

mckinkle said...

What a beautiful gift Jules!

There were extenuating circumstances though werent there, I mean you never actually knew the real birthday but now you do!

Lovely colourway!

Keryn x