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A very warm welcome to my teeny, tiny part of the huge world of blogging. This is where I am hoping to share my passion for making hand made greeting cards. So - why "Always with a Heart"? Well this is for two reasons. Firstly, it is because every card I produce always carries a heart on it somewhere. This can be big and bold or small and almost hidden - the fun sometimes is just trying to find it! Secondly it is because I put my heart into everything I produce. I hope that any visitors enjoy seeing what I post. If you drop by then please leave me a comment so that I know you called. It would be nice to know that you have found my heart in what I do.


Monday, 13 February 2012


Hi Everyone

Happy Monday morning.

If you are here for my Happy Handy Hippo post .. .. the happiness is a bit delayed this week.

I will be back tonight with a different share (once I have conjured up something LOL!!).

Guess what?  It is Monday morning and my ironing basket is empty!!  Woo hoo!!

Have a good day.



Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Congrats on getting the ironing done. Looking forward to your HH card just as soon as . . .

craftimamma said...

Want to come and weave your magic on mine then Jules ;-)? That's what I'm supposed to be doing but it's going to take me all day I've let it get sooooooo baaaad!!!

Lesley Xx

Cynthia said...

LOL! Congrats on the empty ironing basket, Jules!! ;-)

Di said...

Tappety, tap, tap - that's me on the other side of your screen waiting to find out more ways to use ribbon :) Tee, hee!! Di xx

Di said...

Err, tappity tap again - I'm still here waiting :) Di xx