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Thursday, 11 December 2014


Hi Everyone

Just calling by with a quick apology.

One of my lovely blog buddies let me know today that comment moderation has appeared on my blog.  This asks everyone to prove they are not a robot if they want to leave me a comment!!

I know I am not alone .. .. it seems to be something lots of you are experiencing at the moment .. .. but it certainly isn't something I have chosen to add .. .. so I am just hoping that Mr Blogger will be doing something that will return everything to how it used to be .. .. very soon.  (Pretty, pretty please).

I hate messing about with the settings for fear of wiping my blog completely but I was brave and followed the instructions that I was given for sorting it .. .. but then all comments automatically appear on my blog and I just know that once again I will be open to having my blog comments filled with stupid advertising comments offering services that we certainly won't go into here!!!

My blog is normally set so that I manually release the "proper" comments and reject any bogus ones.

Oh well, fingers crossed it sorts itself out.

But in the meantime many thanks for all the kind wishes for the London Kids.  I know they will have read all your lovely comments and appreciate them all.



Gibmiss said...

Hi Jules
Yes have it on mine... Although it is set not to have it on
.... So dont know what to do...
Hugs Sylvie x

Carol said...

Jules the comments work still if you ignore the moderation so no one needs to verify themselves. Carol x

Brenda said...

Yes, it seems that you aren't the only one this has happened to Jules. A lot of blogs have this now, but we were told just to hit publish and don't even bother to type in the letters/numbers what ever it is that you have to do to prove you are not a robot because your comment will post anyway. So when I just left you a message on the new house card, I just hit publish and it did. Hopefully Blogger will figure it out and get it fixed. Hugs, Brenda

sally said...

I don't know if it's appeared on mine but I've encountered captcha quite a lot in the past 4/5 days....seems one can ignore it & still publish!


Viv's Visuals said...

Brenda is right Jules - if you ignore it, it publishes anyway! So I didn't need to mess about with my settings after all - but thankfully I don't think I've messed anything up..................... I hope! LOL Have a great weekend x

Tracey T said...

Hi Jules - yes, this thing seems to be affecting most of us, so don't worry about it. No need to fiddle with the settings as hopefully Blogger will get their act together and sort it out. xx

Carole Z said...

Yes don't worry Jules , it seems to be popping up everywhere..looks like it might have corrected now, can't see it today! X

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Jules, I think everyone has just about got this now, but just ignor it and comment as usual, the comments are geting published, hugs Kate x