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Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Hi Everyone

I hope your week has got off to a good start.

We are back from my Niece's Wedding and all had a fantastic time .. .. shattered but full of happy memories.

The wedding wasn't until 2.00pm which gave us the morning to mooch around Leek .. .. and just look what I found and purchased .. .. something I have craved for a long time but never been able to find other than on ebay.

My Mum had one like this years ago and the shop owner had a couple for sale.  The first one I had to reject because it had the tension control missing .. .. but this one worked perfectly once I had tweaked it about.  Being the cheeky person I am I managed to reduce the price a little - but the shop owner said it was worth the reduction for the lesson I had given him in working and adjusting them LOL!!

I think he thought it strange though that I was happy to just sew on an old envelope!  I never admitted it was for sewing on cards .. .. and I bet the people of Leek thought us even stranger for taking it out of its box and taking a picture of it on some lovely steps we found.

Can't wait to give it a good clean and polish up!  I bet it would have a few tales to tell if it could talk.

The London kids have started their tracks home again :-( and now I must catch up on some work.  Mr Heart has kindly volunteered to drive me round this afternoon to collect some ribbons and supplies I have on order, which means I can just sit with my head down for the rest of the week.

So off I go to get the supplies in and I'll catch you again soon.



Lynne said...

Fabulous buy Jules. I have one almost identical, it my mums originally. I`ve used it to make clothes for myself and two daughters, countless dolls outfits and the odd card or two. Wouldn`t be without mine
Lynne xxx

Linny said...

I bitterly regret getting rid of my old singer machine. the new ones have no staying power. Have fun. Linda x

Sarah said...

Snap!! My Mum has one of these in her cupboard on the landing, it was the first machine I ever used and hope to get my hands on it again one day!! Glad you had a wonderful time at the wedding xx

Carol said...

I've got one exactly the same Jules which I inherited from my Nana...also have a New Home which started life as a treadle and was later converted to a hand which belonged my great Granny. Neither has seen the light of day for some time! Enjoy using yours. Carol x

Hazel said...

Jules,what a beautiful machine, and in lovely condition! Oh yes I bet it could tales some tales. These machines were made to last, I have a singer gennie that was bought when we were in Hong kong 43 years ago, it has traveled the world, been in many a packing box and is still going strong, it could tell tales of all that I have asked it to make over the years. Glad the wedding went well. Enjoy using your new toy. Hazel x

sally said...

That's a sight that brings back some happy memories of sewing with my gran! I first started on her treadle machine LOL.


Kathleen said...

Oh, now that is a sewing machine, a girls best friend.

Glad you had a great time and well done on knocking down the price, it much have been the envelope that made him feel sorry for you, lol.

Kath x

Eve Maynard said...

Hi Jules
I'm so glad that the wedding went well and hopefully the weather was nice too.

I bet you were like a kid in a sweet shop when you found that sewing machine - I have one just like it which my Nan gave me .... here is my old blog post:

I have a word of warning for you.....please don't put it on your best dinning room table without a protective cover underneath it (to protect the table from its very heavy weight) ....ask me why!!!! - the dent in the table is very prominent!!!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.
Love Eve xx

Sharon said...

Wow Jules, what a fabulous and beautiful find and to be in working order after some tweaks. It reminds me of a sewing machine mum had years ago.
Hugs Sharon. x

cotnob said...

Such a fabulous find Jules, I have my Mum's old one and it's still in perfect working condition - not that it gets used much!
Glad you had a fabulous time at the wedding.

Sue - said...

Fabulous find! My mum had one just like it and I learnt to sew on it!

Jacki Daniels said...

I used to have one of these loved it too shame it broke but now I have my little pink one so I'm happy
Glad you had a great time

Brenda said...

OMGosh, I am loving this beautiful old sewing machine Jules!! What a fabulous find!! Hugs, Brenda