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Friday, 28 April 2017


Hi Everyone

Happy Friday!!!

I definitely know what day it is today .. .. .. it is a day that our family has been looking forward to for a very long time and one for which I have had a post sitting and waiting in draft form for ages in readiness to add links and pictures.

So what is so special about today?

Well, as some of my "long standing" followers will know our youngest son works at our local technical college supporting students who experience learning difficulties.  His gentle, patient and caring personality making him (I feel) just perfect for the role.  But alongside this he works hard composing the most beautiful music.

His hard work and dedication has paid off and he has been signed up by Injazero Records and after lots of hard work from both sides he today sees his music released and available on vinyl and as a download.   What proud parents Mr Heart and I are today.  There is something extra special about seeing your children accomplish something they have aspired to and worked hard at for years .. .. for some reason it means more than accomplishing something yourself.

So here is the fabby album cover:
It is a dream come true for him, with the next round of excitement no doubt being when we see it physically for sale on the shelves of music stores.  I am so happy for him.

I used the album cover design to make him a card of congratulations .. .. .. and now he has opened it I can share it here with everyone. I wonder what he will do with it now?

Once finished it actually looked like it should contain a CD but my Son, like most true lovers of music, much prefers to have a piece of vinyl in his hands.  He owns what must be 100's of vinyl records  .. ..   but I am sure this one will rightly be the most precious one amongst his collection.

If you fancy a little listen to some of his work you will find it here - I find it super relaxing and often have it playing in the background whilst I am working.

So after a whirlwind of a day and a lot of rushing about .. .. Mr Heart and I found time to have a little celebration with him .. .. and now his card is opened I can share it, and the excitement of the day.

I don't know about you but my blog has, over the years, become a bit of a diary/journal and I love looking back over the years to things I have shared .. .. and quite often I end up looking back simply to find out when I actually did certain things .. .. but today's post is a fabby exciting one that's for sure.

Hopefully the special piece of vinyl will be in our hands tomorrow and will be spinning around on our turntable  .. .. ..  I can't wait.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend everyone.  I hope you are doing something special.


rosieratbag said...

I always read but seldom comment even though your cards are so great.

However having listened to some excerpts from this music I had to post a comment - wonderful, moving and very calming.

Beat of luck to your talented son, may he achieve all his dreams.

Liz said...

Congratulations to your son. What a fantastic achievement and how proud you must feel. Love your card - just perfect for him. xx

cuilliesocks said...

OMG Jules, how proud you must be to have this talented young man for a son. I've listened to the sample piece of music and it's wonderfully evotic, soothing music, the when the strings come in the whole piece reaches a deeper level. It's quite beautiful.
I love the cover, looking at it I would say sums up the gentleness of the music.
Your card is stunning too.
Congratulations to your son it must be amazing to have achieved a dream, Kate x

Tracey T said...

What a lovely post. Congratulations to your son for this amazing achievement, and to you and Mr Heart for obviously being such support parents. The card is beautiful and I'm sure will be treasured as a reminder of a special day. Hugs xx

Kath said...

A fabulous day for you and your very talented son. I've just listened to the sample track and it's amazing. We're enjoying our first weekend in our campervan and it's just the sort of music we enjoy when we're relaxing. Enjoy your celebrations.

Kath x

Enny said...

Wow, such beautiful music ! Congratulations to your son, it's wonderful that he could make his dream come true. You both must be very proud and quite rightly so. Your card is beautiful and a nice memory for this great event. Love, Enny

Kathleen said...

Congratulations to your Son, he sounds a really fabulous guy, the sort that any Mother would want their Daughter to marry. I am also so pleased that you are so proud of him because these days a lot of parents don't give their children the credit they deserved, so well done him and well done you and Mr Heart but we now know it's Gibbs, don't we, slipped up there Jules.

Kath x

Carole said...

Hi there! Congratulations to your son and you have every right to be so very proud of what he has achieved...let's face it..without you and hubby..he wouldn't be here! Hope this is the start of something big for him...enjoy your weekend. Hugs xx

cotnob said...

Wonderful news Jules, congratulations to your son - you must be so proud of him. I had a listen to his music and it is beautiful, like you say 'super relaxing'.
I was in our local Tesco years ago with my youngest son, we were browsing the CD racks and there was a lady there hunting for a title - my son asked her what she was looking for and she explained that her son had just had a CD released and she was looking to see if Tesco were stocking it - when we asked who he was it was James Blunt!
Your card is perfect, I'm sure your son will treasure it.

Eve Maynard said...

Hi there Jules,
so sorry for my absence :-(
CONGRATULATIONS to your very talented son and to you for bringing him up - your love, care and attention has payed off!
So true that their achievements are more special than our own.
I'm off to have a listen to his music - my youngest son also has lot's of vinyls and I will ask him to have a listen too!!
Hope all is well.
Love and hugs
Eve xx
P.S I have just made a Penny Black card in the hope that it might urge you to ink one of yours up when you have a spare five minutes!! LOL!!

Jacki Daniels said...

Oh WOW Jules congrats to you all you must be so proud of him xx