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Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Hi Everyone

So sorry I am late .. .. but today has been one mammoth and exciting day.

As some of you will know I am preparing for a Wedding Fayre on the 20th March and have been working hard at getting samples etc together.

There is still a lot to do but I am enjoying every second .. .. with the occasional nervous panic as to whether I will have everything done that I want to do.  Don't know why I am worrying though because this is only the first .. .. I can always keep working on new designs etc for the next ones.

Anyway, what am I excited about .. .. .. well I should soon have the beginnings of a website for my Wedding Stationery .. yay!!!

I have been busy providing my "setter upper" with the things he needs (I bet he thinks I am well thick as I don't understand the slightest thing about the technical side of how websites work).  But I have been sending him the things he needs and hopefully I shall have something for potential customers to view in a few days.

Lots of stuff I still need to work on but I am told we can add all the other things as we go along as and when they are ready (oh I do hope he has a lot of patience LOL!!).

I have flattened the battery on my camera whilst trying to take professional looking photographs of some of the wedding stationery I have done so far .. .. just waiting to hear if what I have provided are good enough or whether I need to start again.

So, I am now ready to share my first Wedding Stationery photograph with you .. .. I hope you likey, likey??!?

I am not going to go into what I used .. .. other than a lot of love and care.

So now at least you can see what I have been working on whilst not visiting and commenting on your lovely blogs.  I hope I am forgiven.

So other than all my website work, photography session, ordering business cards, working on my wording for some handouts, (oh and a bit of housework) all I have produced today is one card!!! 

But no card could compare to the excitement of my wedding stationery so that is what I decided to share today. 

Enjoy what is left of your evening everyone.



Anonymous said...

congratulations - I hope all goes well with the Website. My YS and DIL2B are busy setting up a website selling stuff - not allowed to say what yet so understand a little of the techie problems entailed.
Good Luck for the future.
x Tricia

Little K Smith said...

Oh wow this is absolutely stunning Jules! So elegant and classy, love that gorgeous ribbon too! Good luck with your website, sounds exciting, can't wait to see it :)

Vicky said...

How exciting hun! I'm really pleased for you Jules and the stationery looks gorgeous, love the font and the wee heart ~ simply stunning :o)

Good luck and keep us informed how you are getting on!

hugs Vicky xx

Fleur said...

Absolutly stunning Jules, It really is beautiful. Good luck with the fayre & website ~ looking to seeing it up & running
Hugz fleur xXx

Mags said...

Yayyy!!! Great news!! And thanks for sharing the photo - that is seriously lovely! The ribbon and the heart are soooo elegant!

Good luck, hun!

luv, Mags x

Andria said...

STUNNING, so beautiful and elegant, good luck with your new venture. I'm sure it will do very well :)

Lynne said...

Wow! I have just been asked to do my future DIL`s sisters wedding invitations. If they are half as beautiful as this I will be happy. Good luck with the website.
Lynne xxx

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Jules

Well absolutely stunning - how clever are you! Can't wait until your website is up and running so I can go take a peek! I wish you every success at your wedding fare and on your website - I'm sure the orders will come rolling in and you are going to be a busy, busy bee!

I'm sure all your hard work with getting everything set up will be well worth it.

Looking forward to updates from you as to how you are getting along...

Bye for now..


Donna Mosley said...

OMW! Jules, absolutely amazing wedding invitations. You do realise you are going to be a busy bunny with all the orders you will get. So glad you are enjoying it and you can really see the love you've put into these. Beautiful!

Donna x

Doreen said...

Congratulations on getting your website up,I am sure it will be very successful. Your stationery is beautiful.Have a great

Craftycat said...

Now you just made me feel bad about my invites - yours are amazing - very excitin about your website - i can't wait to see it :)

Anonymous said...

oh damn I clicked something and I don't know if I had posted my comment or not, so I'll repost it!

Just saying these are beautifully elegant, and the style is definitely what I would want for my own invites if I were ever to take the plunge!

Really love these, you should be proud!!!

Wishcraft said...

Absolutely stunning Jules! Good luck with your site and the wedding fayre :o) Lisa x

lil-paper-pixie said...

Stunning Jules, did you use a special software package to print those? So professional I love them, TFS.X

Jackie said...

Jules, this is absolutely beautiful, you can't fail to have a succesful business with such gorgeous stationery to offer. It's just perfect.


Di said...

Jules this is gorgeous, you're going to do so well. The design is spot on for the wedding couple and for yourself when it comes to making them by the hundred (eek). So elegant and love the little box. I wish you so much luck, you pack a lot more into your days than i do.

susiestacey said...

Beautiful Jules - Just Beautiful and wishing lots of success in your venture x Susan x

Lynne K said...

Oh, Jules, your wedding stationery is beautiful! So very elegant and classy! And how exciting to have your own website. Can't wait to see it! I wish you all the very best with it, I'm sure it will be a great success. Hope the wedding fayre goes well. Love Lynne xx

Claire said...

Congratulations Jules and all the best for the future, I'm sure you will do very well as everything you do looks very professional, that sample looks so elegant and your fotography is first class. I can imagine how exited you are, a new venture and new customers. I have just finished 50 invites and the bride is over the moon. Another order of 150 to go next week.It can get hectic but it's fun as well.
Claire xxxx

Netty said...

wow its fab Jules. Wishing you every success for the new venture. Annette x

craftimamma said...

What stunningly elegant stationery Jules, but then I would expect no other as your taste is always impeccable.

Wonderful news about the website. Can't wait to take a look.

Lesley Xx

Dawn said...

Oh how exciting Jules, keeping my fingers crossed, it all goes according to plan x

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Whoo . . . you GO GIRL . . . that is just fabulous stationery and I hope everything works out well for you with your new venture. With stationery like that it's sure to be a runaway success. GOOD LUCK.
Sending hugs, Sandra x

coops said...

wow jules!!! these are absolutely stunning and any bride and groom woldl be very lucky to have these for their special day.
good luck with your new website.don`t forget to give us all the link when its up and running so i can have a peek and also recommend you :D

xx coops xx

Jacee said...

Jules, wonderful, absolutely wonderful, I wish you lots of good luck with your new site, though I know you won't need it,I'm sure you will do extremely well, you can't do any other with such lovely invitations!
Hugs Jacee

Mrs.B said...

Good Luck with the Wedding Fayre. Those invitations are just gorgeous so I'm sure the new business will be a great sucess with stationery like those.
Avril x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely SUPERB!! Good luck Jules, you deserve every success! xxxx

Donna said...

gorgeous wedding stationery. can't wait to see your website xx

mustavcoffee said...

OOOh oohh I missed this, they are gorgeous Jules, so beautiful for wedding stationary, love them to pieces. The very best of luck with your new website, how exciting :0) xxx

Grenouille Greetings said...

It's STUNNING, Jules. Any happy couple would be oh so proud to have this as their stationery!!! All the best of luck for your new venture! Hugs, Lesley

Nikbee said...

These are gorgeous - very elegant. I hope all goes well with the website set up. I can't wait to see it!

Nikki x

loftylass said...

Stunning and elegant Jules. I wish you every success in your venture. Looking foward to seeing your website.

Scrappymax said...

Wow Jules how exciting for you to finally see it all coming together. Those invitations are stunning so you are not going to be disappointed as I am sure that anyone visiting your stall will be clamouring to make an order as they are just perfect.
Max x

Tip Top said...

Wow! And good luck with the website!!

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Jules this is absolutely brilliant news I am thrilled for you and this little project is awesome.
Lorraine x