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A very warm welcome to my teeny, tiny part of the huge world of blogging. This is where I share my passion for making hand made greeting cards. So - why "Always with a Heart"? Well this is for two reasons. Firstly, it is because every card I produce carries a heart on it somewhere. This can be big and bold or small and almost hidden - the fun sometimes is just trying to find it! Secondly it is because I put my heart into everything I produce. I hope that any visitors enjoy seeing what I post. If you drop by then please leave me a comment so that I know you called. It would be nice to know that you have found my heart in what I do.

Sunday 18 September 2011


Hi Everyone

Well hopefully Mr Blogger is being kind to me and has posted this whilst I am on Day 2 of our Arts Festival.

My lovely Sis and I will be a little bit sad today because once Sunday comes around the Festival is nearly over .. .. and this year will be extra sad as it may be the last one .. .. .. sadly funding to support the Festival has been lost  :-( 

We really enjoy this weekend and look forward to it all year.  It must be our fourth year of doing it this time and we are finding that some people return each year to see what we have done this time.

But never mind .. .. we have another wedding fayre coming up at the beginning of October.  That will be keeping us out of mischief for a while!!

So, because of the Festival I needed to close the snippet playground gates early this week .. .. otherwise I wouldn't have time to compile the register .. .. and that would never do.  But I would like to apologise to those that hadn't realised it was closing early .. .. don't worry though I am happy for you to link your makes this Sunday .. .. it would be a shame to miss them!!

Firstly though here are my snippet makes for this week

and now it is time to call the register of all my lovely snippet playmates for this (short!!) week .. ..

First to the playground this week was Carol who brought along three of the most gorgeous Christmas ATCs.  I love the one on the left .. .. Santa with a small child sharing the magic of Christmas.  I am sure these little ATCs will have made a nice little hole in Carol's snippet box as they are all pyramaged.   Mmmm... must remember .. .. multiple layers means multiple snippets used!!!!!

Carol was very closely followed by Mags who shared a really bright and beautiful card that has used "oodles" of snippets.  Mags used hers to do some "iris folding" and even managed to sneek a few hearts into the mix as well!!   But even after using all of these lovely snippets Mags has now ended up with even smaller ones .. .. tee hee .. .. I know the feeling well!!  The strange thing is the smaller ones seem to take up more room as when they are piled on top of each other they make the snippet pile taller than it was to start with .. .. or is that just me!!

Elizabeth shared two wonderful snippet makes this week .. .. the first being something very different for the snippet playground .. .. an altered set of drawers.  How fabby they look now .. .. you can see a great before and after transformation here.  But not content with using up a mini mountain of snippets Elizabeth returned to the playground later in the week with this lovely birthday card.  Again a card that is beautiful front and back and on the inside too!!

Irene was next to come along to share her snippet make and this week she utilised lots of her white snippets .. .. I think we are all guilty of having far too many of these so thank you Irene for showing us that an "all white" card can be super beautiful.

Mandy was next in line to share her creations .. .. yes creations .. .. she also visited the snippet playground twice this week.  Mandy's first project and be seen here and the second one here.  Lots of gorgeous snippets have been used up on Mandy's makes this week .. .. and I really love the paper on the second one!  I am a bit of a soft touch for papers with letters or numbers or writing.

A beautiful pink Christmas card was shown around the playground next by Sarah.  How cute is this?  Lots of gorgeous details and a lovely bit of paper piecing .. .. this is such a great way of using up those little bits.  I actually did a little tutorial on Monday showing how I do my paper piecing .. .. if you didn't see it on Monday then you will find it here.

Andria was the next to arrive in the playground waving a beautiful bookmark.  I just love the butterflies on this very, very much.  Of course I had to look what book deserved such a wonderfully delicate and romantic looking bookmark .. .. ..and the title made me smile!!  I would have had to make a red bookmark for this book LOL!!  (No .... I'm not telling you the title .. .. you will have to go and look for yourself LOL!!!).

My next playmate was Catherine who has been working well on her snippet mountain and created two gorgeous cards this week.  The first one you will find here and the second one here.  As usual Catherine's makes were using snippets not just on the outside but on the inside too.  Gorgeous colouring and shading to admire too!!

Along next came my snippet mate Sandra who is celebrating this week.  Her lovely creation was made using the very last of her orange snippets .. .. she has been determined to see the back of these and now that is it .. .. they are gone!!  Woo hoo!!!  Well done Sandra!!  I hope you don't find a few more of them hidden away anywhere LOL!!!

Sally then arrived with a beautiful birthday card.  I love the colours on this and wouldn't say no to full sheets of these snippets!!  They look gorgeous.  Fabby layout and love the butterfly too.  Great make Sally and I think the adhesive lettering is brilliant!!

Tammy called by next and brought with her a beautiful card and a matching gift tag.  There is a lovely owl theme happening and such gorgeous colours too .. .. especially the base card. 

A new face appeared in the playground next .. .. and her name is Becky.  She had been given directions by the lovely Jenny.  Becky shared a wonderful robot card that used up some lovely snippets .. .. and there was no rubber stamp involved.  The robot was made with paper shapes and doodling!!  Brilliant idea!!!  Thank you for finding us a new playmate Jenny!

Screeching up to the playground gates next was Di.  Poor Di hadn't realised the playground gates were closing early this week .. .. but she made it in time and brought along with her a fabulous paper pieced image.  The card was dedicated to me (thank you Di) and the image has a dress with hearts and there are hearts in the little girls hair!!!  LOL!!!  Fabby use of a good few snippets here!!

Then last but by no means least was Hazel sharing a fantastic Autumn card.  Again some beautiful paper piecing going on with Hazel's card.  I love the colours on this creation very much and the leaf is super scrummy!!!

So that is my register for this week.  Such an amazing number of people happy to play along in a challenge that carries no prizes .. .. I feel very honoured to have so many regular playmates.  Thank you for keeping me company each week.

Well I say there is no prize .. .. there is the satisfaction of seeing your snippets used up!!  LOL!!!

The playground gates are back to normal closing times again this week .. .. Saturday night at midnight!!

Take care everyone and I will see you again tomorrow with my Happy Hippo Day 3 (you might struggle to find the heart on this one LOL!!).



Anonymous said...

Hi Jules, glad the Festival is going well but what a shame it could be the last!
Gorgeous snippet makes as always!

Vicky said...

They are all so beautiful Jules....and I'm pleased you are having a lovely time with your Sis hunni...

have a super afternoon...hugs Vicky xx

Doreen said...

Stunning snippets as usual Jules,sorry to hear about the funding for the festival.Cutbacks everywhere!!!!.xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely little makes, each one so different. I know I say it almost every time but I really will have to give paper piercing a go!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Jules, more lovely snippets this week - not sure which card I like the best. I have the same stamp you've used in the first card and I think I really need to make more use of it as a topper - usually I make my backgrounds with it. Hope the festival has gone well for you and your sister and that you'll tell us all about it when you return. Oh, and I've posted something a bit different again this week - made entirely from snippets, leftovers and recycled bits and pieces. Elizabeth x

Karen M said...

I love each and every one of these, Jules! They are all so different but all gorgeous!

Sally H said...

stunning cards, Jules! I love them all

Anonymous said...

Great snippet makes, so glad to see heaps of people using their stash, I've been pretty bad with that lately and have to get back into it!

Nikbee said...

Wonderful snippet cards. I love them all, but the elegant simplicity of the first is wonderful.
Nikki x

coops said...

stunning cards jules.really love the 1st one, so elegant.
glad the festival is going well but what a shame the funding is no longer available.

xx coops xx

♥Gemma♥ said...

Hi Jules

Hope your well hun!

Your cards are absolutely stunning them!!
hugs and xxx

Kasey ~ in Oz said...

HI Jules, Happy to hear the weather held out and the crowds finally arrived at lunch time on day one. Hope day two was brilliant for you and your Sister. You do such fabulously stunning cards, I'm sure you'll sell out.
Kasey ~ in Oz

Claire said...

The first card is beautiful, definately my favourite.Romance always wins me over.
What a shame about the show, could the organisers not set up a fundraiser during the year? A few pub quizzes would help the funds.
We are starting a new craft event next sunday and are hoping it will run every month in a different town, so I'll have a busy week preparing as I was asked to do a demo.
I'm going to have a look at the previous days nw and the other snippet users, I've been busy and didn't have time the last few weeks.
Claire xxx

Beryl K said...

Fabulous cards Jules, sorry I never managed last week and probably won't have time to enter this week before heading off to Devon to see my Mum and youngest daughter and her family
Beryl x

Jenny said...

Can't wait to hear how you got on this weekend, love all the snippets makes :)
Jenny x

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Jules these are so beautiful the simplicity of the design are awesome I love them.
Lorraine x

Jennifer said...

Alll so gorgeous Jules! xx Jenny xx

Irene said...

Hello Jules

I love each card but my favourite is the New Home card. I hope the festival went well.


Made by Mandy said...

Lovely snippet makes Jules. My fave is the 2nd one, love the colours and sentiment.

Thank you for running these snippet challenges. It is great to take part in something where we all have a common goal, to make something beautiful from little bits and pieces. I think it is lovely that a whole little community is growing too and it is lovely to see how nice we all are to one another. Also your weekly round up is so lovely. You are a nice lady, a very nice lady and that is why we all come back :)

Love Mandy xxx

Carol said...

Your snippet makes are gorgeous as always Jules. Glad the festival went okay but it's sad that funding for those sorts of things is drying up. Carol x

Sarn said...

What lovely snippet cards you've made there Jules. Gorgeous as usual.

Hugs, Sandra

Sally said...

Hi Jules, sorry I'm late with my comment but I'm still having t'internet probs. Anyway, love all your makes but the 2nd one is my fave. Striking colours & a great sentiment.
Sally x

Sarah said...

Hi Jules, Glad you enjoyed the festival! Gorgeous snippet makes as always. Sarah x

Carole Campanile said...

Fabulous cards Jules. The first one with the gold embossing is my fav. :)

I have a few cards for you this week. I've been away so long and now have more than one. :)

Di said...

Fantastic snippet makes Jules - and I can't pick a favourite, love them all! So glad the festival went well, and it looks like it might be on again next year with luck? Love, Di xx

Grenouille Greetings said...

I know I haven't been the best blogger, Jules, but I can never get over how many cards you make between my visits. I have no internet connection at the moment so I am in a bar scrolling through your pretty makes and I've been here (at your blog) for ages trying to catch up. Fabby snippets as usual! Love them all! And I'm so pleased your fayre was a good one! Well done! Hugs, Lesley