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Friday 15 May 2020


Hi Everyone

Nearly the weekend! .. .. .. .. doesn't have quite the same ring these days does it now all our days are starting to feel the same!  

Whilst we have been in lock-down we have been cooking together more.  We have continued to have a weekly breadmaking session where we make lots of bread rolls.  Last week we did double our usual quantity and did plain ones and some with grated cheese sprinkled on the top.  Great fresh but they are freezing beautifully too.

Naughtily we have also been making cakes.  Not something that has been on our "eat list" in the past .. .. but unfortunately is now making an appearance most days.  Tut tut!!  Good job we have been going for walks late evening!!

We sit down with a piece of cake and a cuppa whilst listening to the teatime government up-date.  I wonder if the cake is our way of consoling ourselves whilst hearing all the depressing news?

So in an attempt to entice others to be as naughty as us I wondered if you would like a recipe for the easiest and tastiest cake in the world.  It is a cake the kids used to make when they were at home as it is so easy.

Ingredients and method

1 cup granulated sugar
2 cups of dried fruit and cherries mixed 
4oz margarine
1 cup of milk

Boil all the above ingredients in a saucepan, leave to cool for half an hour then add:

2 cups of self raising flour (if you can get your hands on any of course)
1 egg

Mix together well and cook in a greased and floured tin for three quarters of an hour on Gas Mark 5.

.. .. .. and that is it.  How easy??!?!?  

Then that just leaves the licking of the mixing spoon and the saucepan!!  (That is always my job!!)

We don't always use cherries in ours.  It depends what is in the cupboard at the time.  Today's cake has sultanas and cranberries.  (The kids used to throw a Skittle sweet in as well and say it was lucky for the person who got it in their slice LOL!!)

I do find that it browns a little too quickly in my oven so I cover it for the last ten minutes with greaseproof paper.

So here is today's offering:

Anyone fancy a slice?  

We could meet up in a park somewhere and I could throw you a slice wrapped in foil .. .. .. from a sociably acceptable distance!


Enny said...

Oh Jules, your cake looks delicious, pity I can't come over for a cup of tea !
Yes, with the lock down, I'm also cooking more, I plan to make a rhubarb-strawberry cake tomorrow !! That way, we still can enjoy life a little bit, despite the Corona trouble. Have a nice weekend ! Love, Enny

Crafting Queen said...

Looks yummy. Same here we have been making a lot of cakes and bread. Enjoy your cake and have a good weekend.

Liz said...

This looks delicious Jules. Mmmmm! Thanks for the recipe, I think I might have to do some more baking this weekend. xx

Aquarius said...

I'm sure I could manage to catch a slice of that scrumptious looking cake from 6 feet away!! Virtual cake isn't quite the same thing is it?? The freshly made bread rolls sound great as well.

Sarah said...

Yes please, the sun is shining in Dorset if you fancy a visit!! This looks like a fabulous cake and I am definitely going to give it a try. Funnily enough we have been baking together too. Turns out Martin is very good at flapjacks, we have had three variations so far!! xx

Carole said...

I'm on my way! get the kettle on! :) xx

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

What a yummy looking cake Jules. Ill have to take a copy of that recipe, just need to see if I have a loaf tin in my cupboard now.

Sue xx

cuilliesocks said...

Oh my Jules what a yummy looking cake, it certainly looks an easy one to make, enjoy it with your cuppa, Kate x

Kathleen said...

Looks really great BUT, I do not like currents, raisins and especially sultana's. It was Marie Antoinette who said "Let them eat cake" when there was a bread shortage in France. Looks really nice though, Hubby would have loved a slice.

Kath x

Gibmiss said...

ooh! That cakes looks gorgeous Jules .... is there anything you are not good at .....
Take Cake
Hugs Sylvie xx

Lorraine said...

That looks delicious Jules...if I lived nearby, I would be waiting in the park!
Lorraine x

cotnob said...

Your cake looks yummy Jules, we have been doing lots of baking as well - I usually bake a cake at the weekend and we make bread every day but my hubby and boys have also been baking, we have had brownies, scones (several times with clotted cream of course) several types of muffins, crunchy top lemon cake and victoria sponge. I have hidden the scales!
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Brenda said...

Yes, hard to know now what day of the week it is! All seem to blur together anymore since we aren't leaving the house to attend functions on a certain day. Yes, been snacking on baked goodies here as well. lol Not good! No where to walk at my house other than in the house or in the yard. Live in the country and no sidewalks, they will run you down on the road if not careful as they drive way to fast on this road. Your cake looks so yummy, wish I had some dried fruit! I will have to try and get some, at least cranberries. I wonder if dates would be good in it too? I also wonder if your gas mark 5 is about 350 degrees for me? I do have self rising flour! Sounds like an easy cake to make and how fun your kiddo's used to put a Skittles candy in it. How lucky to be the one who got the slice with it in it. lol Love that idea! Hugs, Brenda

Stamps and Paper said...

Scrummy looking cake Jules who doesn’t like a bit of fruit cake..tell me which park and a time and I’ll be there!


Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh this looks lovely, what a great cake, looks really easy to make!! we made a banana loaf this week. I tend not to bake as I just eat it and the loaf disappeared very quickly!!! Dread the scales in the morning!!! Oh well back on the healthy eating then!! Hazel xx